Common Food Allergies

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Do you know of someone who might be suffering from food allergies? Or perhaps you suspect that you might have it yourself and would like to know more information about it? We have listed down some of the most common types of food allergies and a number of important facts that you need to know regarding it.


One of the usual types of food that a lot of people are allergic to is milk. However, it is unfortunate that in several foods, milk is a common ingredient particularly in bread and other bakery products. It is a good thing though, that milk is not very difficult to substitute as there are many milk replacement products that can be used to alternate with milk in baking.


Concerning the things that ought to be examined, it is vital to talk to someone who is working in a delicatessen. Delicatessens or delis as it is more commonly called, purportedly utilize the same slicing or cutting tools for both their meat and cheeses. When in a restaurant, talking to the cook would prove to be very beneficial in helping you stay away from the foods that cause your allergies. A lot of restaurants make use of butter in most of their foods and even in oiling their pans since butter gives food a more pleasant and flavorful smell and taste. Be wary as well of the ingredient, casein. Such is a milk derivative and is just as potent to trigger an allergic reaction.


One other item that several people are commonly allergic to is eggs. But like milk, there have been numerous replacements or substitutes that a person allergic to eggs can use in his food. Baking powder, yeast, gelatin and oil can be used sometimes, as mentioned in cookbooks and online recipes, for individuals that suffer from food allergies. The ingredients mentioned are supposedly intended as egg substitutes for people who are allergic to eggs.


Peanuts are very potent even in the smallest doses to people who are allergic to it. If you are allergic to peanuts, please ensure to read carefully the labels and ingredients of all the food you buy and eat. Reactions to a peanut allergy are known to be the most severe.  Fish and wheat are also listed as a common type of food that some people are allergic to.


To sum it all up, it is essential to make it a habit to check and read the labels of foods before you take them in. It is easy to remember the food you are allergic to, the complicated part is determining whether or not they are mixed into other types of food.


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