Do Allergies Occur In Pets?

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A lot of people nowadays suffer from a lot of ailments that can be mistaken for simple colds, coughing and flu.  What we don’t know is that these are actually manifestations of allergies.  The symptoms for these allergies appear like normal sicknesses and irritants that we usually regard them as such, finding out they aren’t when we take medicines to combat those ailments.  We can acquire allergies from birth but those that we are talking about now may possible come from food, mold, and from weather changes.  Did you know that pets can develop allergies?  And dogs are the most common animals to be affected by the allergies.


Did you know that pets exhibit the same symptoms of allergies as humans? Most common signs to determine for allergies are forms of rashes or skin irritations. When we see dogs or cats scratching themselves we think they’re just trying to get rid of the fleas and ticks, they really are in most cases, but we don’t usually take clear note of its situation until it goes rash.  This is the problem in determining the condition because they don’t really pose a specific or significant trait at the start and is the reason why it is misinterpreted or taken lightly.


General advice for dog owners who are unsure of determining if their pets have allergies is to seek help through a veterinarian of your choice.  They have a series of tests to administer for determination of existence of allergies.  Try to prepare before hand a list of concerns to ask and possible causes why you think your pet may have allergies so that when you get to your vet he or she can have a general picture of what actions to take.  Examples of these are foods that you have fed your pet, certain conditions, places or things that your pet has been in recent exposure to like weeds in the backyard, a new brand of pet food, some leftovers you’ve probably had for dinner, or a new toy perhaps.


If you notice persistent itching in a certain area of your pet’s body for more than two or three days, or if there is a visible skin rash or broken skin this may be a sign of an allergy.  If left untreated this may develop into an infection and cause a greater deal of discomfort your pet.  Your vet will know what’s best to prescribe for treatment and medication.  For skin allergies there are antibiotic or antifungal creams that may be applied topically and you may find sometimes that these medicines are similar or quite the same that is prescribed to humans.


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