What Can You Do If You Have Dog Allergies?

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Are you showing signs of a runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes when in close contact with your dog? These are possible signs of having an allergy.  If it is persistently bothering you, then you might want to consider seeing a doctor to be sure.


The simplest way to remedy this is to find family or friends to take in your dog, but if you are willing to have your pet around then I guess you will have to take certain steps to adjust yourself to your situation. 


The best advice to give is to keep your home and surroundings clean.  Do not let dust or other residues accumulate in places that you usually habit, your bedroom, living room, bathroom, and your car.  Try to have sufficient aeration by opening windows to let fresh air circulate in your house.  The use of air purifiers or filters may also help alleviate collection of aerobic microorganisms which may cause allergic reactions or asthmatic attacks.


Be very particular about the places where your dog spends a lot of its time, on top the couch or near places of furniture where you usually spend a lot of time.  It is a good idea to use furniture covers; a cloth type of material would be best, for they are easy enough to install and remove for fast cleaning. What you want to watch out here is an accumulation of pet hairs.  You would need to clean your covers frequently and vacuum around those areas where hairs would stick to.


There are some vacuum cleaners and air purifiers which are being sold in the market which use HEPA filters, these filters are designed to help people who suffer from asthma and have fits of allergy.  They work by using a series of stages that can screen very small particles.


You may also want to take a look at some over the counter medications, they are relatively cheap and accessible to purchase.  They work fast for some basic allergic reactions but mostly come with a sedative effect, so it may be a good idea not to take them if you intend to go for a long drive or will be using critical equipment that need your full attention to operate.  There are no-drowse versions which cost a little more and are equally as effective.  No single remedy will cure you; a combination of taking your precautionary steps as well the medicines will offer you a greater defense and relief from allergic attacks.


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