Anti Aging Exercises that Can Improve Your Quality of Life

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Maintaining balance and coordination in old age can be crucial to your quality of life. As we age our bones become brittle and fragile and our sense of balance and coordination can greatly diminish, a fall at this stage can mean multiple surgeries and no ability to regain the mobility that you once enjoyed. There are two anti aging exercises that you can do that will help keep you active and fit well into old age. Yoga and Tai Chi are known for their slower and more concentrated movements, this directed focus helps keep the body and mind working together as well as a host of other benefits.


These exercises can help you to develop strength, flexibility, relaxation, endurance and balance. They are both low impact which many seniors prefer and you can always work at your pace. You may find that you lose weight and gain muscle tone after prolonged practice, although it’s not all wild and sweaty like most western exercises these eastern cousins have many of the same results, but with the addition of balance and focus.


Yoga is excellent for seniors, but it is even better if you begin your practice long before then. Don’t worry, you won’t have to become a human pretzel to benefit from yoga, but it will help you to develop flexibility by stretching muscles that overly repetitive exercises miss. Find a teacher that understands your issues and teaches in a style that you can understand. Most yoga newcomers prefer Iyengar yoga because it is universal in its approach and utilizes several props that make it much easier for beginners. The deep stretches help improve joint flexibility, strengthen muscles, increase concentration and reduce stress all key components to anti aging.


Tai Chi is also popular with seniors for its anti aging benefits. It teaches balance, flexibility and strength and may allow you to live unassisted for most of your elder years. Injuries due to falls and balance disorders are the leading cause that reduces the quality of life in seniors. Tai Chi emphasizes balance and coordination and flexibility, key components in reducing falls. It has also been found to dramatically improve the mood and reduce stress, perhaps at a greater extent than most forms of exercise. Keeping an elevated mood and reducing depression are important in maintaining longevity.


Anti aging has been a dream of so many, but perhaps a more accurate philosophy is ageing with grace, and these are just a few things you can do to improve the quality of life and longevity.



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