Exercise is the Best Defense Against Anti Aging

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Regular exercise is not the fountain of youth, and won’t turn back the hands of time, but it is extremely beneficial as a natural anti aging tool because it improves your quality of life. As western civilizations began to leave the farms behind in favor of mechanization, we as a culture lost our main source of physical activity. Spending most of our time in offices and in front of computer screens may have seemed like a great idea economically, but resulted in a great loss in muscle mass and strength.


Most of us aren’t sure which type of exercises we need to do in order to stay fit and as you age building muscle is one of the keys to staying healthy. Research has proven that if you are physically fit you are more resistant to disease, able to retain strong mental faculties, have better balance which prevents falls and broken bones, and you will be happier.


Exercise is the best defense against the troubles that we experience during the aging process. The most effective anti aging excises are aerobic, weight lifting, and balance and coordination types of exercise. And each one targets different areas that help with keeping you feeling fit and youthful.


Aerobic exercises are great for a healthy heart and brain. These types of exercises get your heart pumping and send oxygen to the brain, both helping to improve their function. Activities like jogging, bicycling, and even walking and great activities that help to improve your cardiovascular health.


Weight lifting immediately brings to mind bulbous guys with oily skin and Speedos, but this is a very extreme image. Weight lifting is important for building muscle, but especially those that are aging. You can add this to your cardio workout of jogging and walking. Buy hand weights and leg weights to kill two birds with one stone. Believe it or not push ups and sit-ups are also weight bearing exercises that help to build up muscles, without a gym. There are several apparatuses on the market now that help build muscle in very creative ways.


Finally, exercises that help to improve balance and coordination are critical to anti aging. These help to lessen your chances of falls which can cause fractures and breaks. Often these types of injuries can lead to debilitating injuries, and need to be avoided. Tai Chi and Yoga both are extremely beneficial for improving balance and coordination.


It is obvious that the earlier you begin these activities the sooner you will reap the benefits. But it is never too late to get started on the road to optimum health, the cornerstone of anti aging.


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