Still turning men’s heads at the age of 50!

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Aging is a process gifted to mankind form God. The Almighty has given us Life and he has also given us a specific timeline to live. We are not immortals and we all need to die one day growing old if not in any other means. However, growing old doesn’t necessarily always mean getting wrinkles and cellulite. Thanks to science and our increased understanding these effects are quite reversible. Therefore one can still be youthful and beautiful in the death bed; no one can take that away from them.

Jokes apart, Aging is a cumbersome process wished to be changed by almost all who care minimum about their appearance. In today’s world of stress and pollution the entire process has starts early and the after effects are worse. Thus in order to reverse the negativity one must change their lifestyle drastically and follow a routine in order to avoid getting old too early.

Fine wrinkles are a part of the first signs of wrinkling. In order to avoid these wrinkles one needs to follow a regular regime of washing the face, moisturize the face and getting enough sleep. Drinking lots of water is also another major important factor to fight back the appearance of getting old.

Basic skin care is the root of avoiding wrinkles from appearing on the skin. Good basic skin care includes appropriate diet, wearing sunscreen, staying out of excessive sun and not smoking. A proper diet should include a ton of fruits and vegetables because they are filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which keep the skin healthy and beautiful. In addition protein is essential for the health of the skin. Cold-water fish such as salmon is a great source of protein and also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which nourishes the skin, making it youthful, supple and clear of wrinkles.

Nowadays a new fad has emerged of drinking too much coffee, be it for the advertisements or stress but it is very harmful for the skin. Instead of drinking too much coffee one can drink green tea which instead reverses the effect of aging. Green tea contains flavonols that improve the circulation of blood within the skin cells. This allows the skin to remain hydrated and smooth.

As informed above washing, cleansing and moisturizing may be necessary to avoid wrinkles. However, some people wash their face too much. Over washing can dry out the skin and strip the skin of its natural barrier oils, which protect it. Thus everyone should avoid soaps that don’t contain skin moisturizers and rather use facial cleansers, which will protect the facial skin from damage and dryness. In addition to moisturizer using topical vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prevent them from occurring.

These are simply ways to reverse the effects of aging, in reality all this will only keep wrinkles and bad looks at bay but mental aging will remain. Therefore, there is no saying that at age 50 or 60 one can’t look good and turn few heads around. Looking good leads to feeling good, in addition to mental maturity it might mean achieving all at one time. Which might as a result mean 50s and 60s are the new 20s……The best Days of Our Lives!


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