Stress.. Go Away! I don’t want to age a day!

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So many things can be said about stress, but what matters most is that it has a severe negative effect on our health specifically the heart and our skin. Almost every beauty conscious human being knows that stress is a major contributor to wrinkles and dull skin.

If one has led a stressful day then it is almost certain that he or she will not look good in any party at night. It is almost certain that will have a dull skin, and would fell grumpy all throughout.


Wrinkles are a curse to anyone who has them, young people don’t fear wrinkles. Young people tend to think that wrinkles are something that happens only to very old people but that’s not the case nowadays. Due to the stressful lifestyle in each and every household wrinkles start very early, everyone should remain concerned of wrinkles only from the onset of the age 30.


There are various ways to beat stress and thus wrinkles, the best way is to drink a lot of water, meditate, and take warm showers and sleeping well.  A good night’s sleep should be almost 6-7 hours at a stretch. Thinking of good things before sleeping also ensures a good night’s sleep and thus is a major stress buster.


Some people may say they don’t have enough time to meditate, half an hour each day can lead to a good form of meditation. Quantity is not the matter; it is the quality that counts. Religious meditation is also very effective, getting the mind and soul to be one is the main aim.

Another major stress buster is music, be it Beethoven, Motzart or Dire straits any calming music helps relive tension thus putting wrinkles at bay. Music has a calming effect to release bad energy and gain positive energy. That’s why there is the sudden outburst of spas in every town. People go there to relax their muscles and minds. Soothing music and message go hand in hand.

Our eyesight can greatly affect the appearance of wrinkles on our face. Stressful work in front of the computer for hours may cause troubled eyes and serious squinting. Squinting causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear around the eyes. Therefore one must avoid squinting by wearing proper glasses and take time to wash the eyes every two to three hours of work. One can also wear sunglasses when they are in the sun. By including these simple and easy tips in our daily lives we can reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and reduce the chance of wrinkles appearing as we age.

Another important factor to keep wrinkles and stress at bay are a positive mindset. If negativities surround us every time we should be strong enough to build a strong self with really strong mindset to fight all sorts of evil and troubling thoughts. The key is always to stay around people we love, people who make us laugh even in really bad days, people who are meaningful in our lives.

All this and more will really fight back stress and keep wrinkles at bay. The simple truth of life is…Live a simple Life! And You Live a Longer Youthful Life!…….


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