Stress Management Equals Aging Management

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Its era of the “Healthy and Fit”, almost everyone nowadays is concerned about their looks, health and beauty. A few days ago a relative stated a very true fact there’s no ugly girl in town everyone looks fit and trim. Interestingly the men are not behind either everybody is competing with each other to be the best looking.


In order to achieve great looks people are usually going to the beauty parlors and salons. They are getting medical treatment like laser surgeries, botox, chemical peeling etc. natural ways to regain beauty are also hype nowadays with aromatherapy and ayurveda ruling up high.


It is inevitable that people will loose their looks by mid age since lots of pollution and stress in our daily lives have ensured us that our skins should become saggy and rough. Hectic lifestyle and anxiety from our daily lives and work has not helped our aging process.


The best remedy to look good is to beat the stress, take a good 6 to 7 hours of sleep at night and live a content life. In order to beat the stress one may try to meditate regularly, religious meditation is also extremely effective. One must try to combine the body and soul to become one. Leading an uncomplicated life also helps, living each day with a positive mindset is a great stress buster. All these help the delay of wrinkles in a great way.


Any kind of tension reduces tenfold if someone is able to sleep well. In order to sleep well one must get into bed in time making sure that their body is not too tired. Taking a relaxing bath before sleep may also help. The most important thing about sleep is also the posture. Sleeping downside puts the head on the pillows and marks may form. Continuous marks for a long time form wrinkles and may become permanent.


Stress free lifestyle keeps a person young both at heart and mind; yoga is sometimes of great help. So is any form of exercise including aerobics. Sometimes music and painting also help in beating the stress and calming the body and the mind. In order to lead a stress free life one can take up any hobby that one prefers, e.g. pottery, cooking, reading books etc. Travelling is also a good form to beat the stress. Going to places with scenic beauty, leaving the hectic town with hectic schedule to a carefree area also helps relieve tension and stress.


So many lines have been written on stress since it is the major contributor to faster aging and thus wrinkles. In order to prevent quick aging stress must be reduced or minimized in our daily lives. Taking beauty pills and chemical peels may seem to be the easiest and shortest way to stop aging but in reality these things are not long lasting. In order to have long lasting good looks one must beat their daily stress level and lead a calm and content life.


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