Thanks God for Chemical Peeling.

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The term “natural chemical peels” may sound like an oxymoron. We do not usually think of chemicals, natural substances, but in reality is just semantic.

Usually refers to a naturally occurring substance as a compound or extract. When we speak of artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals called.

Technically, everything in the world, whether artificial or natural has a chemical formula. Besides this fact, all ingredients used in cosmetics have a specific name to be used on the label, due to the international nomenclature of cosmetic standards.

Thus, when reading an ingredient label, you can see a lot of names that sound like chemicals. Most of them are written in Latin. The logic behind the rule is that doctors worldwide should be able to tell what ingredients are included in a product. Primarily, this would help determine what might have caused an allergic reaction.

The question is this. Natural chemical peels are safe? Do people experience adverse reactions resulting from the use of the products? Or is that only products provide benefits without risks?

Much has to do with the sensitivity of the skin of a person. We all have some degree of sensitivity, but some people are prone to allergic reactions and irritation, while others are not.

A person who has never used a scrub should do so with caution. It’s a good idea to consider a visit to a dermatologist before you buy without a prescription, especially if you are over 35 years.

Older skin is more sensitive than younger skin. As we age, the skin layers become thinner. There is less fat under the dermis, which is one reason we experience falls.

Despite the natural chemical peels are sometimes recommended to reverse or reduce the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots, there is an increased risk of irritation between people who have these problems. A teenager with acne scars would actually be a better candidate for these treatments to a woman 40 years of age with age spots.

The risks associated with the use of natural chemical peels include redness, itching, irritation and scarring. The procedure causes a type of burn. Although it is generally mild burning, redness and peeling treatment will follow.

Depending on the reason you are considering this type of treatment, there may be a softer, less expensive alternative. In the field of anti aging, for example, research has shown that regular use of antioxidant-rich cream is very effective. Volunteers have seen so much as a 30% reduction of wrinkles and sun damage in a few months of daily use.

To reduce age spots, plant extracts have been shown to be beneficial. To improve the smoothness, Shea butter, avocado extract and the occasional use of a clay mask work wonders.

Many cosmetic problems are actually a symptom of dry skin. Therefore, a good moisturizer can be the solution. Using a moisturizer is a necessity after treatment with natural chemical peels. Just be sure to avoid petroleum jelly based moisturizers. They can cause further irritation.


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