Things You Can Do to Stop Aging in its Tracks

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Most of how we age has to do with genetics. Hair loss, wrinkles, grey hair, disease are all parts of the normal aging process. There are many choices to slow it down they range from herbs and diets to radical plastic surgery. All in search for the longevity we seek, but there are some things that we can all do to improve our chances with optimum health as we approach aging.


This first thing to stop is smoking. It cannot be more clear the damaging effects of smoking on the body. Its deadly side-effects such as cancer, bronchitis are obvious, but it also accelerates wrinkling in the skin and the overall aging process. Smoking reduces blood circulation which leaves the skin unable to regenerate new cells at a normal rate or produce collagen, which is necessary for adding a natural firmness to the skin. Smoking also reduces the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and diminishes the body’s ability to use them. This combination leads to sagging and a wrinkling, which can negatively impact your anti aging efforts.


Nutrition is also a key factor in helping to build a strong anti aging defense. Avoiding processed foods and trans fats when possible. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains is the best way to ensure that you are getting the most out of what you eat. Unhealthy foods create unhealthy cells and cells that are not able to complete their cellular functions help to reduce the body’s performance, and give the feeling of old age.


Stress is also an active premature aging component. Those that do not have positive ways to manage stress often internalize these feelings and they lead to other damaging behavior such as lack of sleep, smoking, or excess drinking. Lack of sleep has unhealthy effects on the body and the average person does not get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation accelerates the aging process and can even lead to more stress.


Maintaining a healthy weight is also an important way to improve the anti aging process. Yo-yo and crash dieting are unhealthy and because the results do not last this can cause your body to be in shock from the rapid weight loss and then confused by the regaining of the unhealthy weight. The best way is slow and steady, exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and make these activities a part of your life. There are no anti aging miracle cures as this is a part of life we all experience, but we can do our best to get the best quality out of our whole life.



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