Aromatherapy and Essential Oils – The Wonderful Benefits

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Although the term aromatherapy was first used around the 1920s, when a French chemist discovered the benefit of lavender essential oil quite by accident, this form of alternative medicine is an ancient one. Essential oils and scents have been used as a form of treatment for thousands of years, by Asian cultures.

People, however, are all beginning to understand the huge benefits of this natural form of treatment, which is higly efficient not only in improving your state of mind and making you feel better, but also in healing certain illnesses and conditions.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils or fragrances obtained by extracts of plants, flowers, leaves, the bark of certain trees and so on. The healing benefits of these products has well been established, and nowadays modern aropatherapy benefits from the use of around one hundred different scents and essential oils.

The plants, roots or flowers are processed into essential oils which can work miracles, by healing certain condition once they come in contact with the blood stream. They also work as an efficient form of alternative medicine when they come in the form of creams or lotions and they are applied directly on the skin.

These creams and lotions work in two ways at the same time: on the one hand, you can receive the benefits of the plant extracts, which work by healing you, and on the other you still get the benefit of the scented oils which you can smell and which helps sooth your spirit and improve your mental health.

If you want to start using aromatherapy as an alternative for of treatment, or even if you ar eonly aiming at receiving the benefits of scent therapy, you should be aware of the fact that fragrance oils or perfume oils are not fond in the same category as scented oils.

There is a major difference between them, because scented oils are one hundred percent natural and they contain only helpful extracts, while perfume oils are filled with chemical substances which can have serious side effects and generally do more harm than good.

Aromatherapy is used ar medicine for the body and for the mind as well; that is because when you inhale the perfume of any essential oil, as the oils is inhaled and it reaches the lungs, you get an array of therapeutical benefits, and this helps heal various conditions which you might suffer from.

At the same time, certain reactions are also triggered in the brain, thus improving your mood and relieving you of the stress you might suffer from. Some of the many conditions which can be healed by means of aromatherapy include congestion, high blood pressure, blemished skin, dandruff, joint pains and minor aches, insomnia, tension headaches, etc.

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