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Aromatherapy is becoming a more and more popular form of alternative medicine. This form of therapy has its roots in ancient times, when people used the power of the “aroma” (which is the original Greek word that designates the pleasant scent of essential oils) to soothe pains and make people feel better.

The essential oils used in aromatherapy are extracted from barks of different, roots, plants, flowers or even leaves of various plants which have certain healing characteristics. This type of medicine is suited for various illneses and pains, but it is also used by people to improve their state of mind.

Depending on the type of illness you have, there are different types of therapeutic products; you can use essential oils in fluid form, scented candles, creams and lotions, as well as medicine in the form of drugs etc.

Since aromatherapy has become so popular, nowadays the therapeutic role of essential oils is carried also by many skin care products, such as creams and lotions. You can use them very effectively for an improved overall health, because they combine the healing powers of their potent ingredients with the relaxation role of the scented oils.

This way, you can get two benefits instead of one; you will feel better and your health will be improved, while at the same time you can relax, feel felieved of stress and improve your state of mind.

When it comes to skin care products, some of the best products in this domain are the ones using aromatherapy essential oils. The oils used, such as lavender, jasmine, vanilla and so on, have more than one function, in that they enhance the skin’s natural beauty and help in the treatment of skin irritations, but they also promote the regeneration of the skin.

They clean dead skin cells, but they also help rejuvenate old ones, so they are frequently used in special anti ageing products. Certain products are also effective in helping women get rid of cellulite.

One of the most popular aromatherapy skin care products used in many of the creams and lotions is Shea Butter; these products, which contain Shea Butter extract, are often used by pregnant women or by women who have recently given birth, because they are very delicate and they are perfect for sen sitive skin.

By applying a mild Shea Butter Cream on your thigh and stomach area, this is highly effective in reducing or even altogether preventing those awful stretch marks future mothers expect to get after they give birth to their babies. Lavender creams and lotions are also highly efficient, as you will surely determine on your own if you decide to use one.

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