2011 Libra Horoscopes: Predictions

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Two of the most essential elements to a Libra are balance and stability. In 2011, there is an opportunity for just that, which means absolute harmony for any Libra. Greater peace leads to an improved sense of self-confidence in Libra in the year ahead, possibly leading to more spontaneous activity and trying new things.

2011 Libra horoscopes financial predictions indicate that bad decisions about money or financial matters may be causing increased tension and frustration. The effects of these decisions could come to a head in the first part of the year, making for a rough start to 2011. However, your knack for planning could prove more than useful when a bit of rearranging is required in order to get things back on track. The overall experience will prompt you to work even harder for the remainder of the year.

2010 was a year full of impulsive choices for Libra. Increased debt and financial roadblocks made for a year full of chaos. The Libra 2011 horoscope is all about overcoming current obstacles and establishing routines that prevent those situations from rearing their ugly head for a second time. While the advice of others has often been abandoned in the past, lessons learned may just help them stick in the year ahead.

January 2011 Libra Horoscope predictions show that it is a good time for catching up with friends or family and socializing. The month of February may present a new challenge and could also be a good time for home improvements or projects around the house. March of 2011 will be a good month for Libra, with increased focus on work and the potential for a promotion or better career opportunity. However, you should be cautious about relationship decisions during the month of March, and forego any major adjustments.

Libra horoscopes for the month of April show a month full of creativity, but relationships could present a slight challenge, with tension in the air from previous disagreements. Money matters start to turn around in the month of May for you, but legal matters and travel should be avoided.  Increased income continues for the month of June, which is a better time for travel opportunities.

July brings recognition at work for Libra, but competition for promotions or other opportunities could be fierce. This is a good month for entertaining family or friends. A promotion or a new job could be headed your way in September, but relationship conflicts could come to a head, as your need for independence increases.

October of 2011 will be a better month for close relationships, according to Libra’s horoscope predictions. However, this month you should be extra cautious about overspending and/or sharing personal financial information. It is easy to get careless when you are enjoying greater financial rewards for a change. Extra cash awaits you in November, but family relationships in December may suffer due to a misunderstanding.

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