2011 Ophiuchus Horoscopes: Predictions

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The introduction of a new astrological sign has left many people reeling. The traditional Tropical astrology chart, which is widely used in the western world, only included 12 signs. Since the announcement of a new Sideareal astrology chart in 2011, many avid astrology fans have been very confused about all of the changes. Changes in the Sidereal astrology charts were made by astronomers at the Minnesota Planetarium Society. The announcement was made by Time News Feed on January 13.

Sidereal astrology charts are based more on astronomy and take into consideration the position of the stars. However, the majority of practicing astrologers in the United States and several other countries rely on the Tropical astrology chart to make predictions and calculate horoscopes. The Tropical astrology chart still includes only 12 signs. This means that many who have recently been informed that they are no longer a Sagittarius, but are instead under the Sun Sign of Ophiuchus may not ever be able to read their daily horoscopes either online or in newspapers and magazines.

In reality, the news of Ophiuchus as being a part of the astrological chart is nothing new. It has been known by many astronomers, and even astrologers, for some time now that Ophiuchus is a sun sign found on Sidereal charts. Horoscopes are not given according to sun signs, but a number of astronomers and astrologers think that they should be. This group of experts asserts that an individual’s sun sign provides a more accurate depiction of the individual’s personality traits and compatibility. However, astronomers are often more interested in the accuracy of the charts in correlation with the constellations.

Ophiuchus horoscopes for 2011 will be a hot topic for those taken aback with the news of the new astrology charts. While many astrologers are sticking to their guns about determining horoscopes based on moon signs instead of sun signs, it is likely that Ophiuchus horoscopes will surface sometime soon. At any rate, creating an entire year’s worth of horoscopes for a Zodiac sign that has not been included for hundreds of years can prove to be a rather tedious task.

It is expected that Ophiuchus horoscopes for 2011 will not differentiate all that much from the horoscopes of Scorpio and Sagittarius. For the time being, those that fall under the Ophiuchus sun sign may have to rely on existing horoscopes for their previous sign

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