Cancer Horoscopes 2011: Predictions

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You worked hard in 2010, Cancer, and the year ahead will allow you to reap the rewards of your efforts. The hard work behind you will transform into visible results in 2011. Your success will impact all aspects of your life. Conversations with new people will lead to a greater understanding of your current situation. After knowing what it feels like to achieve your goals, you will begin thinking about other ambitions towards the end of 2011 and planning for the future.

The influence of Pluto on your sign may keep you from reminiscing, but taking the time to reflect on the past better enables you to move forward. Cancer horoscope predictions for 2011 include a more direct approach when it comes to work and personal projects that yields fruitful results for you. You approach your career with the mindset of a soldier in combat, and you are able to get things done. Look for new projects, a move, or a job change in the upcoming year. 2011 is a year to draw upon your creativity, and this will prove to be one of your most beneficial traits in the upcoming months.

New agreements and contracts related to work allow you to shine throughout the year. From January to March, you will be much more cautious in personal relationships than you were throughout 2010, perhaps recollecting previous experiences or past relationships that did not end up the way that you had hoped.

For the rest of the year, though, Venus will be drawn to you. Partners will confide in you, and reveal much more than you had expected, strengthening an existing bond. This is not the time to hold back. Speak without thinking, and do not second-guess yourself. Opening yourself up allows others to see you in a more realistic light, and you will find that there really is nothing to be doubtful about.

In terms of money, Cancer horoscopes for 2011 reflect similar happenings to what is going on with your relationships. The first quarter of 2011 will be approached with caution. However, Jupiter creates a more impulsive streak in you in the months following. You will feel called to action by someone or something, with a need for accomplishing things that you may have neglected in the previous year. In 2011, Cancer’s finances will remain closely intertwined with its love life.

2011 is a good year for relationships for Cancer. Jupiter stirs greater confidence in yourself, and you will appear healthier and more in control of your personal life. This opens the door to potential romance or the rekindling of an existing bond. You should also be cautious of Jupiter’s effects, however. Neglecting bills, fines, court appearances, or legal situations can put you in a bad spot. Don’t be tempted to play with fire.

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