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Leos are loyal, honest, and tend to commit to something for life. Leo craves admiration and praise, but is often good-natured and the last one to give up at just about anything. Leos can often become pouty if they don’t get their way, and are creatures of habit that find routine to be one of the most essential elements of their life. They have a flair for the dramatic at times, and are also attracted to flashy adornments and fashion.

When a Leo is loved and respected, they are often warm and reciprocating. However, when the Leo’s love is met with a lack of appreciation, they have a tendency towards depression, self-pity, and destructiveness that is often uncharacteristic of their nature. Leos are likable people, but they can also be stubborn and self-indulgent. It is often difficult for a Leo to take the initiative in a relationship or be assertive in matters pertaining to work.

It is within Leo’s nature to be lazy, but also caring of those close to them. Leo is often regarded as somewhat childish, but he is also proud and headstrong. This sense of determination makes it even harder for Leo to give up.

There are several astrological signs that Leo is extremely incompatible with, but relationships with compatible signs can prove to be very fruitful and long-lasting for Leo. Leo’s stubborn ways and headstrong nature makes him and unlikely match for any Scorpio or Taurus. Virgo has little patience with Leo’s self-indulgent ways, and Leo is often to overbearing and dramatic for Cancer.

However, the adventurous, spontaneous ways of Sagittarius often pair well with Leo. Aries and Libra are also both fairly headstrong, but they know when to give in to Leo. In arguments and relationship matters, an Aries or Libra will often back down from a Leo. Leo is drawn to Libra’s dramatic and whimsical ways, and Libra brings stability and balance to the relationship. Gemini’s easy-going nature and penchant for humor can lighten up any downtrodden Leo, and Gemini is tolerant of Leo’s self-indulgences. Gemini and Aries have no problem showering Leo with praise and admiration.

Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, and Libra are all the most compatible astrological signs for Leo, both in terms of love and other relationships. There are also two variable signs in terms of Leo horoscope compatibility that could go either way. Two Leos often understand each other well, but feuds can be disastrous, since neither one knows how to give up. If one or the other learns how to let the other one vent without fueling the fire, compromises can result in a highly successful, lasting relationship. Aquarius is also a variable sign in terms of compatibility for Leo. Aquarius can help cool the flames of Leo’s fiery nature, but Aquarius is often not one for glitz and glamour.

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