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Many former Sagittarians have now found themselves under an entirely new Zodiac sign. Following an announcement made by the Minnesota Planetarium Society about a new astrological chart in 2011, a large percentage of the population discovered that they had in fact been identifying with the wrong astrological sign all along. The new chart provides date changes for the 12 existing astrological signs, as well as introduces a 13th sign that has never before been used in the western world.

The 13th sign of the zodiac is known as Ophiuchus, and it is named after the serpent god in Greek mythology. Ophiuchus is a constellation located near the celestial equator. The constellation is portrayed as a man holding a snake. Ophiuchus was used in earlier astrological charts, and has always been represented in verdict astrology, which is practiced primarily in India. The sign was excluded from modern charts because many astrologers felt that the number of signs should match the number of months in the year.

The Ophiuchus astrological sign applies to those born between November 29th and December 17th, mostly people who previously identified as Sagittarians. Since the announcement of the new astrological charts, there has been a substantial amount of controversy between astrologers and astronomers. This dispute is nothing new, but astrologers argue that the signs of the Zodiac have little to do with the position of the stars and are more concerned with the position of the planets.

Ophiuchus shares traits with an ancient Egyptian doctor, Imhotep. Ophiuchus is considered a healer of men and one who studies medicine or science. Someone born under this sign loves to learn, and may seek out enlightenment through a number of life experiences. Many Ophiuchus people are successful in their adult lives, and those born under this sign are expected to achieve a high position in their career or in community organizations.

Career-wise, those born under this sign would do well as doctors or nurses, as well as government officials or politicians. In turn, the Ophiuchus personality is tuned for success in non-profit community organizations that promote healing or greater understanding. Some Ophiuchus people may also do well as teachers, transferring a love of learning to many of their students.

Ophiuchus is intuitive, and is regarded as an interpreter of dreams and premonitions. His interest in enlightenment allows him to be a source of enlightenment for others. Ophiuchus is often envied by those around him, including friends and family members.

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