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In relationships, Scorpios are often sensitive and prone to being hurt. At the same time, they usually do not like hurting others, and will avoid conflicts with others. However, Scorpio is usually temperate, tolerant, and level-headed. When they feel wronged, they may become vindictive or even vengeful, which is usually uncharacteristic of their nature.

Scorpio will always seek to add value to the relationship, sometimes trying to “improve upon” their partner. They expect their mate to reciprocate, however, and often look for someone that can help them get ahead or achieve their goals. Relationships often begin as something seen as opportunistic to Scorpio, but can transform into meaningful, lasting love that knows no bounds.

Scorpio may keep their personal feelings to themselves, refusing to vent for the sake of “keeping the peace.” Their strong emotional nature means that an unsatisfying relationship can quickly become disastrous. A Scorpio never forgets the bad things that have happened to them, sometimes carrying grudges for a long time.

Scorpios favor long-term, committed relationships, however, and they are one of the most loyal signs in the Zodiac. Most Scorpios are very creative, and may have hobbies of an artistic nature. They crave new experiences and enjoy the challenges of attempting things that others cannot accomplish.

Scorpio’s compatibility with Cancer and Pisces is perhaps the most potent. Both Cancer and Pisces are easy-going, level-headed signs that will not disrupt Scorpio’s sense of peace and harmony. Cancer probably has a better understanding of Scorpio’s emotional nature.

Scorpio is probably the least compatible with Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus in terms of love and relationships. These fiery signs can wreak havoc in the life of a Scorpio rather quickly, leading to an internal boiling rage. Sagittarius is the most helpful to Scorpio financially, opening the door to a relationship born out of opportunity rather than attraction. While Sagittarius can be greatly beneficial to Scorpio in terms of finances and money, Sagittarians have great difficulty in remaining as loyal as Scorpio would like for them to be.

Leo may not be the most compatible sign for Scorpio in terms of love, but Leo can be a big career booster for Scorpio. Aquarius also does not offer relationship potential, but can be a good friend who offers a great deal of emotional support to a Scorpio in need. Pisces and Scorpio are a likely pair for creative ventures and business partnerships, each drawing on the other’s skills. This pairing could also flower into a fruitful relationship. Both Cancer and Libra can also be good friends, helping to restore faith and offering hope to Scorpio when the past seems to catch up to them.

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