The Controversy Surrounding the New Astrological Calendar

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The New Astrology Chart for 2011has recently sparked a considerable amount of controversy among avid horoscope enthusiasts, as well as disagreement among astrologists.  According to astrologist Lawrence Grecco, this announcement of a new zodiac sign is not a new finding, and it has been known for years that the previous zodiac did not match up with today’s calendar.  The new astrology chart is based on where the zodiac signs are in time, in a literal sense.  The design of the new chart is based on where the constellations appear in the sky, and do not take into consideration the position of the planets.

Western astrology, as it’s practiced, teaches that the constellations are based on time, not where they appear in the sky.  This is why many astrologists do not agree with the new astrological chart, as it is based on astronomy rather than the principles of astrology. Spring equinox is generally regarded as the starting point for the zodiac signs, beginning with Aries, and then followed by the other signs.  Planets and stars are continually shifting, leading to the popular idea that zodiac signs must also shift as well.

Grecco also states that proving or disproving a metaphysical science by using a physical method of science can’t be done in the same respect you cannot prove or disprove love, faith or God. The new astrology chart now includes the zodiac sign of Ophiuchus, meaning serpent-bear. Claudius Ptolemy, an ancient Greek astronomer, listed Ophiuchus as being one of the constellations.  The origin is derived from the Greeks, and it is generally believed that the constellation represents Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. The constellation is dim and difficult to observe, shaped more like an elongated house from a child’s drawing.

The new astrology chart seems to be based upon the Sidereal, a Vedic form of astrology which stems from the Hindu culture that contains 13 instead of 12 signs.  This kind of astrology has actually been around for a long time, but frequently conflicts with other forms of astrology. However, the new astrology chart may bring another astrological perspective to the western world that seems to have been forgotten by many American practitioners.  The choice to use the Tropical chart or the Sidereal for looking at one’s own life will be an individual decision.  When it comes to astrology, there really is no right or wrong.  Each chart offers its own interpretation on the basis of how the constellations are viewed, either as fixed in the sky or relative to time.

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