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On January 13, 2011, a new astrological calendar was announced. This news spread like wildfire on the Internet and through social media. With many people in a state of shock and reeling from the identity crisis that ensued, the announcement from the Minnesota Planetarium Society was soon countered with arguments from many leading astrologers. The controversy revolved around how the astrological calendar should actually be designed.

Astrologers contend that the position of the stars have little to do with actual signs of the Zodiac. However, astronomers argue that the constellations are an integral part of our ever-evolving universe, therefore having a direct impact on aspects of our personal lives such as personality traits and relationships. The disagreement between astronomers and astrologers over horoscopes and astrological calendars is certainly nothing new. Many of these same astronomers have contended for decades that the traditional astrological calendar used is off by several thousand years.

But it wasn’t until now that this information gained so much media and public attention. The new astrology calendar created by astronomers is based on where constellations are at. The movement of the stars in relation to the position of the planets in our solar system is often referred to as moon flop. New 2011 astrology charts have reportedly been calculated to take into account moon flop. However, since the new charts are based on the premise that the stars are continuously moving, the introduction of the news astrology calendar means that new charts could follow in time.

In the new astrological calendar, the dates for the existing 12 astrological signs have shifted. Some people may have noticed that their sign is now something entirely different than what they have believed it to be their entire lives, while others retain the same sign they have come to identify with all along.

While this is confusing enough for most people, perhaps the most dramatic change within the new astrology charts is the introduction of a 13th sign. The new Zodiac sign is known as Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus was originally included in some early astrology charts, but later removed by astrologers who wanted the number of signs to match the number of months in a year. Ophiuchus has been included in Verdic astrology charts for many years, but is something new to the western world. Verdic astrology is widely used in India, and there are few verdict practitioners in the United States.

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