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An astrology birth chart is also often referred to as a natal chart. Birth charts provide more detailed information about an individual’s personality based on the date, time, and location of their birth. Many astrologers routinely use birth charts during assessments and consultations, but accurate details regarding the location and time of a person’s birth are not always necessary. However, people who have this information on hand often receive more accurate results.

There are also several places online, and even downloadable birth chart software, that allow people to create their own birth charts for free. Birth charts have also become a keepsake item, often placed on display in a baby’s room and then kept by parents. Some parents have a birth chart created when their child is born, in an attempt to foresee any obstacles that the child may face later in life. For display purposes, more aesthetically-pleasing birth charts can also be ordered from retailers that carry these kinds of products.

A birth chart determines the position of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of a person’s birth. The position of the start often have very little to do with birth charts, and are not used in Tropical astrology practices. Most western astrologists use this type of astrology to predict horoscopes and personality traits of certain individuals.

Places online that offer free birth charts will provide a detailed interpretation of the birth chart results. Deciphering what the positions of the planets, sun, and moon mean is often a time-consuming task for any novice. Professional astrologists typically charge a fee for calculating birth charts, but they can usually provide more detailed, accurate results.

The moon sign of the individual is usually what is of the most importance. The moon sign is traditionally what has been regarded as a person’s Zodiac sign, used to rendering horoscopes and predictions throughout a person’s lifetime. However, some astrologists, and even astronomers, feel that the sun sign is actually the most accurate representation.

A person’s sun and moon sign can, and usually do, differ. Other signs may also be present on the chart and represent different aspects of an individual’s personality. For example, a “rising” sign indicates that a person may also have some traits of that sign, even if that sign is not the most dominant. In some cases, two signs present on a person’s birth chart may conflict. This is why some people with one moon sign actually demonstrate traits of another. Birth charts can provide all of these intricate details that most people overlook when evaluating their horoscope.

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