Romantic Hawaii Honeymoons

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You and your loved one have found the most amazing wedding location, and your wedding is perfectly planned. You probably don’t think there’s anything in the world that could top off that special day, making it even more perfect than it’s already going to be. However, we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out some of the options out there for romantic Hawaii honeymoons. No matter what your definition of romantic is, we hope that one of these ideas will spark your imagination and leave you longing for that magical night…even more than you already are.

Exotic, Hidden Romantic Hawaii Honeymoons ?Secluded, exotic romance sums up the Bamboo Jungle House. This is truly an experience that will not easily be left behind in distant memory. It’s definitely at the top of accommodations for the best romantic Hawaii honeymoons. This unique bed & breakfast has three rooms; each comes with their own private entrances, lanais, unique themes, and baths. Nestled into an exquisite tropical garden oasis, you can swim in the amazing pool with waterfalls gently crashing into the pool around you. A delicious breakfast is served each morning, and the fridge stays fully stocked with complimentary juices and water. You can enjoy healing or energy massages in the gazebo by the pool, or head out on adventures that interest you. They’re always willing to help you find something that suits your taste. Please note that this bed & breakfast doesn’t allow children or pets.

Pure Luxury Romantic Hawaii Honeymoons ?Luxurious pampering… The Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay is nothing short of an oceanfront paradise that pampers to your every desire. Each night, you’ll even find delicately placed orchids on the pillows. There are 249 rooms and suites. They’ve plenty of room with an average of 700 square feet, and boast private balconies and luxurious marble baths. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line romantic Hawaii honeymoons, then being 100% catered to makes this resort an obvious choice. You can even choose to stay at exclusive suites that have a butler service to ensure you’re taken care of. ?They go out of their way to be on the list of best romantic Hawaii honeymoons with their special honeymoon services and packages. You can have a champagne breakfast or a candle-lit dinner right in your room, enjoy soothing massages together, or head out with a picnic basket made just for the two of you. Opt for their romance package and take advantage of the following:

• Daily breakfast for two in a buffet style • Be welcomed with champagne • Choice of romantic, three-course dinners just for the two of you • Free $250 spa credit • Receive a CD of your photos as well as a framed, matted, and signed portrait. You have several locations to choose to have your portrait done.

Romantic Hawaii honeymoons are some of the best honeymoons that you can find anywhere. There are plenty of small, unique, cozy bed & breakfasts, as well as luxury resorts, or you can even find the perfect get-away, honeymoon vacation rental. No matter what your style is, Hawaii honeymoons have something for you.

Hawaiian Themed Wedding Ideas

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There are many ways in which you can let the island be the influence for your Hawaii wedding whether you are having it in Hawaii, or just want to bring some of the island to your home.


You can send out invitations that are in the shapes of coconuts, palm trees, orchids, or anything that reminds you of the Hawaiian island. If you want something more traditional, you can have the pictures of a sunset or orchids embossed on the invitation. You can also add some poems or sayings that are part of the Hawaiian culture.


What you wear can be tradition, or you can infuse it up with a bit of the island. For example, your bridesmaids can wear bright sun dresses. You can also have them wear leis in order to make the feel of Hawaii more dominant.


Decorate the area with things such as palm trees, tiki torches and have the tables contain coconuts or flowers found in Hawaii. The main point is to use bright, cheerful colors that are found in Hawaii.


Seafood, pork and fresh fruit are classic foods found in Hawaii that you can serve at your reception. Serve your drinks in coconut glasses. You can even have your wedding cake to resemble something that reminds you of the island, such as a sand castle.

Overall, use your imagination and have fun with the Hawaiian wedding concept since that is the whole idea of Hawaii.

Camping in Hawaii – Useful Info

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Camping at Arnott's Lodge, Hilo, Hawaii
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If you are a fan for camping maybe you would take Hawaii into consideration when you make the plan for the next camping destination. Not to mention that in this way, you could save money on accommodation, enjoying waking up at the relaxing sound of the ocean’s waves or the fresh morning air of the green, tropical forests.

However camping is not always about saving money, as much as you consider this feature a pretty good one, but to Americans, camping in Hawaii can be an experience they love the most allowing them to pitch a tent, to gather around the campfire as part of their outdoor activity and experience. Maybe you won’t be surprised to find out that camping seems to be on the first place in the top of the outdoor activities across USA.

But apart from the fact they love camping, not many of them realize that there is a great opportunity to camp in Hawaii. Camping is not an outdoor activity that is frequently seen in Hawaii, many of the tourists preferring booking the accommodation well in advance as part of their holiday package bought through a travel agency.

You should follow the footsteps of the locals, as they camp outside all the time. As to the ones who are not from Hawaii, this activity is most of the times unfamiliar to them as camping in Hawaii is not promoted.

For instance, if you browse, out of curiosity one of the travel agencies’ brochures you won’t see any tent shown in the pictures, as this is not the way that travel agents would like to see you spending your Hawaiian holiday. According to them you need to book for a hotel accommodation in order to know that you can taste the true spirit of Hawaii.

But how can anyone enjoy the experience of holiday making better than camping. You just need to be an eco tourist and feel more attached to the nature and closer to cultural events living this experience in a genuine way.

On the other hand, camping in Hawaii is not suitable for those who like to be pampered into a luxurious resort with all sorts of amenities and facilities that can be also experienced back home when booking for a spa session. But here, with the original feel of the pristine places, where nature unfolds its beauty in a spectacular way, it would be a pity not to try it at least once in your lifetime.

In Oahu, you are given the chance to camp inside the Friends of Malaekahana Campground and in this way you shouldn’t spend a leg and an arm for the 2 week vacation that can be very romantic along with the locations that Hawaiian beaches offer for their visitors. Other of the campgrounds available in Hawaii are YMCA (Hana Coast in Maui), Kauai displays Camp Sloggett, the sunny Kohala Coast on the Big Island presents Spencer’s campground and others more.

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Vacationing in Hawaii: A Brief Guide

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Hawaii is the place to go for those wanting to take a vacation especially during the winter months. There are many reasons why Hawaii is the go to destination for people. The most cited reason being the beaches that the island has to offer. So for those that are wanting to spend their vacation on a beach basking in the sun, then they should take the time to make sure that they choose the beach that is best for them, as they all have something different to offer. It is best if you use a current traveler’s guide to Hawaii to find out just what is going on that will be up your alley and when you should schedule your visit.


The following is a list of five of the beaches in Hawaii, they are not rated in numerical order for what is the best, however they are just listed. In fact, these may not be the top five beaches of some guides, however, they are five beaches that seldom disappoint anyone and that people most often recommend to their friends and family who adventure to the island.

1. Wailea Beach in South Maui

This is popular the most widely popular beach in the area and because of this is often crowded. However, despite being crowded people have the times of their lives with basking in the sun, swimming and snorkeling. There are also three great hotels and one spa nearby for guests to enjoy.

2. Hulopoe Beach on Lanai

This beach is widely known to attract dolphins, which makes it the perfect getaway for those wanting to sneak a peak at some wildlife.

3. Kaanapali Beach near Lahaina on Maui

This beach is yet another busy place, however is perfect for those that like to partake on activities that require groups. There are three places to stay that are associated with this beach that will require hardly any traveling to enjoy the beach and may only require that you step out your back door.

4. Punaluu Beach Park in Kau on Hawaii

This beach is most notably known for its sea turtles that also share the sand with tourists. This is a great beach to visit if you have a fascination with sea turtles or want to be near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. However, be sure that you take care to not disturb the sea turtles as it truly is their beach.

5. Lumahai Beach on the North Shore of Kauai

This is the beach that is featured most when people see movies or articles about Hawaii, this makes sense because this is one of the most beautiful beaches that Hawaii has to offer, however, it is not ideal for swimming because the water is rough and considered highly dangerous for people, plus it is a bit chillier water than other areas.


Since there are so many people that tend to fly south for the winter since Hawaii’s winter is much less severe than other places given that the average low is around 78 degrees, people automatically wonder what types of activities are available during the winter in Hawaii. Lucky for these people, there are many events and festivals that people can choose to take part of that are full of fun and will guarantee to give you a vacation of a lifetime and will more than likely leaving you want to travel to Hawaii over and over again.

The Triple Crown of Surfing

This event is located in Oahu, Hawaii held during early November and December. There are three events that last around four days and each event has a separate category for men and women. At the end of the events, a champion surfer is announced. Each competition is held at a different beach to account for varying degrees of surfing difficulty by bigger waves. This is a great competition to watch for those that love surfing, which many consider to be an art form and a show of tremendous physical agility.

World Invitation Hula Festival

The World Invitation Hula Festival is held in Honolulu, Hawaii and is held during a weekend in November. It first started in 1991. It is a celebration in which artists from sixteen different countries attend and focus on the culture of Hawaii, including dance, language, music and costume. These aspects of the culture are demonstrated throughout the days of the festival and give visitors a chance to fully understand the different culture items that Hawaii is immersed in. In each cultural category an award is given to the best artist for their rendition of the aspect. This is an excellent cultural experience for everyone, but especially children as they will not only have great memories, but they learn something as well.

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

This festival is held in Kona – Big Island, Hawaii during the first ten days of November. What makes this festival so unique is that it is the only coffee related festival in the United States, since Hawaii is the only place that has the climate to grow coffee and Kona coffee is considered to be the best of the best out there. During the festival there are things such as coffee tasting, educational workshops, lantern parades, the Little Miss Kona Coffee Berry Pageant, and probably the most exciting aspect is the coffee picking race in which a winner is announced. One winner from this contest was recorded at picking twenty-three pounds of beans in three minutes, an amazing rate to say the least.