Honolulu Luxury Real Estate

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We all know that Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to live. Those who choose to live their lives here are surrounded by immense beauty and culture. While making a purchase on any piece of Real Estate in Hawaii will always allow you to live in paradise, purchasing a piece of luxury Real Estate in Hawaii will entitle you to even more.

Buying Hawaii luxury real estate entitles you to not only live in paradise, but to enjoy some of the many amenities that come with Honolulu luxury real estate. Buying on Honolulu allows you to have the comfort of knowing you will be in the metropolitan area surrounded by some of the best restaurants and shopping that Hawaii has to offer. However, there is much more to Honolulu luxury Real Estate than that, as added amenities for high-end properties allow you to really live the good life.

There are a number of luxurious single-family homes, townhouses and condos available for purchase in the Honolulu area of Oahu. The type of luxury property you choose will be based on a number of factors, including size and amenities desired. For instance, a luxurious single-family home may offer more space and land, but a luxurious condo will more than likely include amenities such as 24-hour car service, spa, laundry and more. These are just some of the things to think about when you are on the market for a piece of luxury property in Honolulu.

When it comes to island destinations on Oahu none is bigger or more sought after than Honolulu. As a matter of fact, many people consider it the paramount destination on Oahu, and even in Hawaii. Amenities like higher education (University of Hawaii), great shopping, amazing restaurants, hiking, beach and other amazing outdoor activities are all around you. No need to drive far, Honolulu luxury is right at your fingertips should you choose to buy a luxurious single-family home, townhouse or condo in Honolulu.

The Honolulu luxury real estate market can be complex, especially with some of the higher-end properties. However, this is no reason to give up on your dream of owning a piece Honolulu luxury real estate. You simply need to have the right representation.

Honolulu real estate offers so much. There will definitely be some choices that need to be made. Are you looking for beachfront property? Are you looking for a luxury investment condo? Are you looking for a luxurious single-family home with plenty of space to raise a family? All of these are questions that will need answering.

The city of Honolulu is chalked full of luxurious single-family homes, townhouses and condos. Located right in the epicenter of all the top-notch businesses, restaurants, shopping and schools, Honolulu is the dream place for many.

If you are interested in purchasing a Honolulu luxury property, then take a few minutes to dig in and do some research to see what type of luxury single-family homes, townhouses and condos are available. The world of luxury awaits you in Honolulu.

General Information on Kailua in Honolulu

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Kailua is a town located in the county of Honolulu. It is situated within proximity to Kailua Bay. Kailua is defined as two seas in the Hawaiian language. Kai means sea while elua means two. It is named as Kailua because there are 2 lagoons in the district. Because there are two lagoons, there are two currents in the Kailua Bay. Kailua real estate  is a thriving community equipped with all kinds of amenities. The town has more than 36,000 residents. Popular places in Kailua include the Lanikai Beach and Kawai Nui Marsh.

The history of Kailua can be traced back to about 1,500 years ago. The first settlers carried out fishing activities to earn a living. They often play in the area around the Kawai Nui marsh. According to the archaeologists, the marsh slopes were first occupied during the 500 A.D. At that time, the people don’t have the necessary technology to perform the agriculture activities. It is claimed that the early Hawaiians lived near the lagoon, which is about a few hundred yards away from the shoreline. In the 16th century, the place started to be controlled by chiefs. When King Kakuhihewa was reigning, Waikiki is being replaced by Kailua as the seat for the Alii Aimoku of Oahu.

Kailua has a lot of legendary stories. The local Hawaiians believed that the menehune used to work at night in the area around Kawai Nui Marsh. The mo’o is a large lizard that used to live in the beaches in Kailua. Kailua is already occupied with people before Captain Cook’s arrival. When Captain Cook arrived, it is a capital in Oahu. King Kamehameha I successfully won the battle with the enemy army in Kailua in 1795 so that he can unite the Hawaii islands.

After King Kamehameha I won, he bestowed the Kailua region to the warriors because they helped him to gain the victory.  The site encompasses the freshwater and saltwater fishponds in Mokapu. Various types of agriculture activities have been carried out at Kailua. There are many temple ruins in Kailua. While in Kailua, you can observe the Ulupo Heiau State Historic Site. Today, Kailua is a developed town with many amenities. It has some of the finest beaches in Hawaii. The Kailua Beach is a crescent shaped beach that is 2 miles long and 150 feet wide. All kinds of recreational activities can be performed at Kailua Beach including windsurfing, kite surfing, and etc

Facts About Honolulu

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The city of Honolulu in Hawaii is truly one of the best places to visit in Hawaii. It is a bustling city mixed with the serene and beautiful atmosphere that Hawaii has to offer naturally. This city is located on the island of Oahu and to many is known as the Gathering City as it attracts people from all over Hawaii and the world to visit and see the beautiful city. Honolulu is not only a bustling place of culture and a big tourist attraction today, but it also has a rich Hawaiian history that any history buff would be interested in both hearing about and viewing with his or her own eyes.

Although Honolulu has a fairly unstable history with various captors and violence, in modern times it has certainly overcome that and become a beacon of civilization and culture in Hawaii. Hawaii was finally annexed as a state in the United States of America in 1959 bringing Hawaii to the status that it is now in. Not only is Honolulu the capital of Hawaii, but it is also the biggest city in Hawaii and has a multitude of things to offer to any person interested in traveling to Hawaii any time in the near future.

This city whose name actually means sheltered island is a great place to visit for anyone who is going to be in Hawaii at any time of the year. The temperatures range from fifty degrees Fahrenheit to eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit throughout the whole year, so the weather is always fairly temperate.

One of the great things about Honolulu is the extreme amount of diversity of people that is found in the city. There is no overwhelmingly predominating group of people that inhabit the area. This fosters an open and relaxed community with a vast and expansive culture.

Honolulu is so big that there are are a multitude of beaches all over the place around Honolulu. There are over a hundred beaches that tourists and residents alike can visit and sit in the sun, surf and just enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and great weather with family and friends. Hawaii is obviously known for its tropical atmosphere and beautiful beaches and Honolulu is by no means any exception to this. The beaches are magnificent and plentiful, with so many available; there are different beaches for everyone’s different interests. Some beaches are more for surfers; some beaches are more for people who want to lay out in the sun and some beaches are more for people with big gatherings that want to have a barbecue.

Guide to the Culture of Hawaiian People

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Hawaii has a very religious community. The Hawaiian people worship various types of Hawaiian gods. The gods that are worshipped by the Hawaiians have relations to the natural forces. They believe that the gods can bring improvement to their lives. Hence, they keep on worshiping the gods and offering sacrifices to them. There are four main gods in Hawaii including Kane, Ku, Kanaloa, and Lono. Kane is the god of procreation that the chiefs worship. The local people claim that the god Kane formed the upper heaven and lower heaven. When the people worship Kane, they don’t offer sacrifices. They also don’t carry out any ritual when worshipping Kane.

Ku is the earliest ruler of the mankind. The god Ku has a wife named Hina. Ke free the people from their faults. The Hawaiian people often carry out sacrifices to Ku. They worship the god Ku because they want to have long life, prosperity and abundant harvest.

Kanaloa is often worshipped along with Kane. Kanaloa represents darkness, and death. The Hawaiian fishermen often pray to the Kanaloa god to protect them from the waves.

Lono is associated with the clouds. For example, signs such as rainbow, wind and lightning refer to the god Lono. The god Lono is responsible for bringing rains on the land as well as improving fertility.

The Hawaiian set up temples to worship the gods. Many Hawaiians also set up altars at their own homes to worship the god.

Hawaiians regard red as a holy color and yellow as a secular color. After King Kamehameha conquered the land, the people came to accept yellow color as better color for representing holiness. The people of Hawaii often speak English with a mix of Hawaiian words. It is estimated that over 9000 people speak the Hawaiian language. However, 85% of the people have Hawaiian names. The names given to the Hawaiians are often associated with interesting stories. The earliest immigrants to Hawaii speak the pidgin language.

The Hawaiian music also plays an important role in the culture of the Hawaiian people. Music is used to remember the deeds of the powerful people in Hawaii. The Hawaiians always sing aloha aina during the music performance. In the 19th century, western string instruments such as himeni are used to play the Hawaiian music. While traveling in Hawaii, you can find a range of Chinese food, Korean food, local Hawaiian food and Vietnamese food.

Unique Fauna and Flora of Hawaii

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Hawaii is one of the most rewarding places on earth for the nature lover to explore. Even if you’re not an expert, you will be amazed at the unique flora and fauna found throughout the islands. One of the most particular things about Hawaii is how many species exist there and no where else. Most of these unique species evolved from very few species, diversifying so effectively that Hawaii is ripe with distinct and endemic species. This incredibly distinctive ecosystem can teach and amaze even the most committed city dweller.

The primary reason Hawaii’s plants and animals are so fascinating is because they are specific to Hawaii. You can’t see these species anywhere else in the world. The islands are so far from any shore (more than 2,000 miles) that the islands developed in their own little world, in a way. Hawaii’s flora and fauna is influenced not only by its isolation, but also by the great degree of diversity in environments found throughout the islands. Over 70 million years, Hawaii developed species of plants and animals in isolation from the rest of the world. The original species came through wind, waves and wings to find an unlikely home.

One thing that is unique about Hawaii is the lack of mammals. There are only two mammals native to Hawaii – the Hawaiian Monk Seal and the Hawaiian Hairy Bat. Although not a place for mammals, Hawaii is home to many different species of bird, the most famous of, which is the Nene or Hawaiian goose, the state bird of Hawaii.

Unfortunately, an ecosystem so unique and isolated can easily be adversely affected by foreign influences. When the Polynesians arrived in Hawaii, they brought with them many new species. This process increased drastically with the arrival of the Europeans. The unfortunate effect is that many of the native Hawaiian species are now endangered or have become extinct. Hawaii’s ecosystem is a fascinating study in evolution and the delicacy of the systems of life. The danger to these unique and fascinating species could carry a warning to all of us so that we try to preserve the nature that nurtures us,

While the native flora and fauna are one of the most impressive of Hawaiian offerings, it’s also worthwhile to take some time for the non-native animals introduced by Polynesians and Europeans, including wild horses on the Big Island. You might also find wild cattle, pigs, goats and sheep, though it’s possible that you don’t want to run into all of these creatures. In any case, you won’t be disappointed when you get out of the city and away from the beach and start to see some of the most spectacular and particular plants and animals in the world.

Oahu Real Estate and Places to Stay on Ohau

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People who are looking to relocate to Oahu will enjoy the year round climate, beautiful landscape, luxurious living styles, sandy beaches, blue pacific waters, volcanic mountains, lush green valleys, and green tropical foliage. It is a place that has to be experienced in order to understand the definition of a true paradise. Many people believe that they could never afford to live in such a tropical paradise. The prices must be out of this world, but the reality is that the real estate in Hawaii is very much affordable. Real Estate agents in Oahu can help people who are looking for an affordable property that will fit anyone’s budget. They have the experience and know how to obtain a list of a vast number of properties that are available in many different areas.

There are a plethora of real estate websites for Hawaii that will give people a quick tour of the many different condominiums and town homes that are available for affordable prices. People can be up to date on any property before they visit the islands of Hawaii. Visiting Oahu is another great way to find out if the place is something that a person is looking for when they decide to move. They not only leave with all of the information they need, but they also have a great vacation at the same time. Experiencing Hawaii firsthand is the only way that people will really get a feel of the place, and see if it is a place that they can live for the rest of their lives. Some people may feel that Hawaii is just too expensive for their tastes, and others will feel that the place is just right. No one will really know until they actually see it for themselves first.

Oahu has many places that vacationers can stay while visiting the island, and looking for real estate. There are several hotels and resorts that a family can stay in for affordable prices. For people who are only visiting Oahu to find that perfect home can stay in a hotel, so that they can save their money for the real move. If they planned their home search as a vacation, and they have the money to really enjoy their stay in Hawaii, they can choose to stay in a resort style hotel that will have all of the amenities, and room service that they will enjoy. There are other choices besides hotels and resorts. A family can choose to stay in a vacation rental home or a condominium throughout their stay. People can receive the same comforts as they would get in their own homes, with all of the same familiarities and amenities around them. Staying in a vacation condominium or a vacation rental home would be a perfect way to experience what it would be like to live in the city permanently.

People who are thinking about moving to Oahu, and who visit the island first, will have much experience to take back with them. They will have the full experience of what it will be like to live on an island paradise. It will be much easier for them to make a decision. Buying a home in Oahu is not just a one shop deal. There will be many decisions to make and preparations to plan for when choosing the right home. People may need to spend more time visiting the many areas of Hawaii before they make a decision.

Top Five Kauai Must Sees

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Kauai is the fourth largest island in Hawaii and is known as the Garden Isle. It is also known for being the home to some of the most beautifully natural places like orchid filled Moir Gardens and McBryde Gardens. Any trip made to Kauai should be highlighted by certain recommended locations. Have you ever heard the saying, you haven’t known until you’ve seen? Well you haven’t known Kaui until you’ve seen these places. These are the top five must see destinations on the island of Kaui.

1. Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls present travelers with the gift of a majestic double-tiered waterfall. The falls overflow from the side of an earthy cliff at a height of a massive 80 feet. Anyone who is interested is allowed to view it because of its easily accessible location close to a roadside lookout. Depending on the flow of the river and the rain, the Wailua Falls change appearance. It is recommended to view this sight during the early morning so that the sun can shine on the fall. The cool mountain water can also be waded in by visitors who decide to take the trail to where the bottom of the waterfall is located. Ah, so beautiful.

2. Fern Grotto

An exploration of Fern Grotto promises a strange Hawaiian adventure. Strange, but beautiful. Located along the Wailua River, is a collection of lava rocks in the setting of a grotto now covered completely with ferns from the tropics. But the grotto is not only a beautiful location, but is also a soothing one because once you arrive, you begin to get serenaded by traditional Hawaiian music played live by musicians. The overall trip is about 40 minutes, but the sights you see and experience is so worth it.

3. National Tropical Botanical Gardens

The National Tropical Botanical Gardens located in Kauai is not one, but two gardens, the Lawa’i Garden and the Alberton Garden. This is truly a must see not only because it is appealing to the eye, but also because it happens to be the location of the world’s biggest anthology of rare plants. The immaculate gardens include flowers, sculptures, and fountains. Tours can be taken throughout 100+ acre garden. It’s truly a sight to see.

4. Hanalei

Hanalei is the northern part of Kauai and is quite breathtakingly surrounded by majestic mountains. From those mountains flow beautiful waterfalls that provide the valley below the mountains with an overabundance of water. Hanalei is beautiful for its plentiful greenery and its beauty also encompasses the bay, city, river, valley, and beach that share its name.

5. Kipu Falls

Don’t let its smallness fool you! Although Kipu Falls is not nearly as big as the other waterfalls that inhabit the island, it is still quite beautiful. Tourists and residents of the island both find the sight a very joyful one indeed. Kipu Falls is surrounded by a 20-rock wall and comes included with a rope swing for those adventurous enough to swing from it and dive into the water below. The pool is wide enough for groups of people, deep enough to kick back and enjoy the coolness of the water, and clear enough that nothing inside of it will surprise you. It is a great way to cool off and a great way to enjoy some of Kauai’s beautiful natural sites.

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Princeville at Hanalei

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The Princeville Resort at Hanalei is a world famous resort that delivers everything you could dream for your resort to consist of. The ocean view location gives it a view to be admired, and you’re sure to wish you never had to leave. If you’re traveling during or after the spring of 2008, you’ll want to look for the St. Regis Princeville Resort, as after the current, new construction, this is what its name will be changed to. ?The Princeville Resort has several types of rooms to choose for to fit any situation and taste. Rooms available are listed below.?Mountain Garden Rooms (547 square feet): ?• Mountain or Garden View?• Found on floors 2-7, and floor 9?• One king size or two queen size beds?• Marble bathroom, double vanity?Ocean View Rooms (547 square feet):?• Hanalei Bay and Pacific Ocean views?• Found on floors 4-11?• One king size or two queen size beds?• Marble bathroom, double vanity?Premium Ocean View Rooms (547 square feet):?• Panoramic Hanalei Bay and Pacific Ocean views?• Found on floors 4-11?• One king size or two queen size beds?• Marble bathroom, double vanity?Prince Junior Ocean View Rooms (820 square feet):?• Hanalei Bay, Bali Hai and the Pacific Ocean views?• Marble bath with ocean views?• Spa tub?• Foyer entry?• Dining area for four?St. Regis Ocean View suites (1,200 square feet):?• Foyer that leads to sitting area?• Bedroom and dining area for four are combined?• Separate tub, shower, dressing table?Presidential Suites (1,800 square feet):?• Full kitchen?• Butler’s entrance?• Formal dining area?• Living room with fireplace?• King size bed?• Bedroom opens to a breakfast nook for six?• Large picture window in the bathroom?Royal Suite (2,400 square feet): ?• Panoramic view of Hanalei Bay?• King size bed?• Spa tub?• Entire room opens to the view with expanding window?• Dining/meeting area for eight?• Wet bar?• Full kitchen?• Separate breakfast nook den?If the rooms aren’t at the top of your priority, don’t worry, there’s much more to this resort than their newly designed rooms. Golf lovers will find their perfect paradise here, as their many gold courses offer some of the best golf found anywhere in the world. In fact, many of them have been featured and listed on the top lists of Golf Digest, Golf Weekly, and more.?You can also indulge in pampering services from the professional spa staff. The Princeton Resort spa has world-class services. You can enjoy an array of massages such as Swedish massages, sports massages, hot stone, and deep tissue massages. Get your daily exercise on any one of their top-of-the-line fitness machines or weights, and then top it off with a relaxing visit to the sauna, whirlpool, or steam room. Rejuvenate by treating yourself to facial or body wrap.

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Lahaina Real Estate

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L?hain? is a popular tourist destination on Maui
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Lahaina, Hawaii, a beautiful seaside city on the island of Maui in the South Pacific state, has a generally high-priced real estate market with its highly desirable location and the beautiful oceanside view from many homes and condos. The market, like so many, has suffered in recent years after the effects of the economic downturn on the U.S. mainland made their way out to the island.

The Lahaina real estate market has shown several signs of stabilization in recent months, with just slight increases and decreases in both price and volume. According to the local Coldwell Banker statistics, at the end of 2009, in December, the median price of properties sold in Lahaina was $1.21 million, which was up slightly from November’s figure of $1.12 million but down from December of 2008’s figure of $1.34 million. Lahaina’s median price for single-family homes was the second-highest of all of Maui.

Total sales volume in December in Lahaina was $6.05 million, with four Lahaina homes for sale closed upon. These figures were up from November, when the total volume was $4.82 million with three homes sold and from a year ago, when total volume was $4.47 million, also with three homes sold.

The condo marked showed great signs for improvement, more so than the single-family home market.  The median price of a condo sold in Lahaina in December was $398,000, up from November’s $396,500. The total sales volume for condos in December was $4.89 million, with eight condos sold. Sales activity picked up significantly, with eight condos sold in December, up from just two in November and zero one year ago. Condo prices in Lahaina were the fourth-lowest of all Maui markets.

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