All you need to know about the benefits of apple vinegar

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apple vinegar drink
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Over time, the vinegar was used in the most various purposes: in gastronomy (for preparation of various kinds of pickles and salads), for the extermination of harmful plants, to clean kitchen utensils … Also (and not merely accidental) have been assigned important curative properties. Research conducted in recent years have highlighted the fact that apple vinegar is a highly effective tonic. Its beneficial effects have been demonstrated successfully in the case of diseases like diabetes or obesity.

Apple Vinegar – universal remedy?

Apple vinegar has become known especially since the late ’50s, when a famous American doctor, DC Jarvis, has treated this issue in a paper titled “Health Guide. Moreover, in recent years, alternative medicine has experienced a great revival and the apple vinegar to be more recommended (and successfully used) as a tonic, especially in diets.

Not surprisingly, if you think that is indicated in improving digestion, detoxification, treatment of rheumatism, cholecystitis, anemia and migraines, and these are only some examples …

Diabetes. Effect of apple vinegar on blood glucose level is among the most important discoveries in the field. There have been many researches regard this. An example: in a study conducted in 2007, 11 people suffering from diabetes type II, who took two tablets of apple vinegar, found that blood glucose decreased by 4 to 6%.

Be careful! If you have diabetes, do not take apple vinegar without medical advice. Chromium content of the product could
affect insulin levels.

A series of surveys conducted in 2006 established that apple vinegar is a great effect on people whose cholesterol levels exceed normal values. To exclude possible but undesirable side effects, you should ask your doctor before resorting to this procedure.

Hypertension. For this, it is recommended frequent consumption of apple vinegar and olive oil.

Cancer. American doctors have concluded after some research, administration of apple vinegar can “kill” cancer cells or slow down their proliferation. It also may prevent esophageal cancer.

Every morning, drink a cup of water into which you put a spoonful of apple vinegar. After two weeks, you’ll find that you lose, on average, three-four kilograms. Be careful, though! It is not advisable to repeat the diet.

On the other hand, however, should not be omitted possible risks of consuming apple vinegar, although you can say about them are that are insignificant. But if you take large amounts for a long time, problems can occur.

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Life Outside of Honolulu

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Honolulu Diamond Head Hawaii
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The master planned community of Mililani hosts a population of 29,000 people on former plantation forms owned by Castle & Cook which began developing the area in the early 1960s.  The original vision or intention was to create Mililani Town into a satellite city in order to satisfy Oahu’s pent up demand for housing.  The first homes in Mililani were sold in 1968 and were sold quickly thanks to the interstate H2 opening and cutting the commute time into Honolulu in half.  Today, much of Mililani real estate is still in high demand.  While Mililani is still largely a bedroom community for Honolulu, the town is able to succeed on its own with commercial shopping centers, a golf course, and other suburban town amenities.

In 1986, Mililani was named an All American City, the only community in Hawaii to receive such an award.  In 2005, CNN Money Magazine ranked Mililani as one of the best places to live in the nation.  And in 2006, Mililani was named as the third wealthiest zip code by the Pacific Business News.  The still-expanding community combines suburban living with a self-sufficient and blossoming economic basis that has grown to support most of the community.

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Why Kids are Stressed like Us

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Would it not be perfect if we could just go back to our carefree childhood days? With all this stress we have from work and relationships, it seems that going back is the best thing that can happen. However, this may not be a good idea at all.


Yes, kids get stressed as well. Nowadays, kids are more prone to stress due to our fast-paced lifestyle. As adults, we do not see this, as we often think that children are only going through little issues or minor problems. These are not so small for those who are experiencing them.


Why Are Kids Stressed?


Try to remember how we were before. We might say that we have experienced stress as children. Maybe we had problems with schoolwork or with a bully. This still happens to kids nowadays.


Kids can also be stressed at home. For instance, if parents are having financial problems and these reflect in the home, kids can become anxious. Sibling rivalry can also cause stress in children.


Recently, society demands more of our kids than it did before. There are more extra activities like soccer practice or ballet after school. Children go to school at a younger age and are expected to process more information. Although it is important that they learn and get involved, it is also necessary for them to be just kids.


How Do I Help?


There is always a gap to bridge when it comes to talking about your children’s problems. Sometimes, they refrain from talking about it and are even afraid to ask for help. Despite these difficulties, we can always approach them and show them we are here for them. Here are some ways how:


  • Ask questions and talk — most especially if your child is upset. Ask them how they are every day. You can talk about school, their friends, and their interests.
  • Help your child come up with solutions to his problems. When he asks for your help about a problem, guide and support him. Still, let him come up with ways to solve them.
  • Organize his schedule. Try to prioritize certain activities if he is involved in a lot of them.


Though children may not worry about the things adults are stressed about, they still go through hard times. As parents, it is our responsibility to guide our kids and help them cope with stress. We can lessen or even avoid stressors if we are continuously open to them. Knowing how to deal with stress will make our kids live healthier lives.

Why is Yoga a Good Weight Loss Alternative?

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Mind and body exercises are fast becoming fads. Two examples of these are yoga and pilates, the former being centuries old while the latter is relatively new. We will focus the discussion on the former because it has the most interesting history especially with regard its weight loss effects.


Basic Information About Yoga


Traditionally, yoga has been used since ancient times as an activity to stimulate the body and mind connection. This is done to communicate with the inner being to unleash positive vibes to the whole body. The basic thrust of yoga is to breathe correctly while doing the poses in a fluid and smooth manner. Moreover, meditation is always a part of yoga so learning how to focus the mind is one of its goals. Increased flexibility and muscle tone are two major benefits of yoga.


Since it is done in a fluid manner, it is unusual to observe sweating and heavy breathing. In addition, yoga is an active workout but will not cause exhaustion because it is not a strenuous activity. You may ask, “how then can yoga be considered an alternative weight loss workout?” Well, here are the answers to the question.


Development of Yoga in Recent Years


The traditional yoga is still very much alive yet there are new developments enabling yoga as a good weight loss alternative. Some deviations from the fundamental concepts may be observed combining its health benefits and making it a cardiovascular activity promoting fat loss. The new untraditional yoga exercises are Power and Ashtanga yoga.


Power yoga is the Westernized adaptation of classical yoga. It includes very vigorous and movement-driven exercises. Resembling closely to other types of yoga, one feature setting it apart from Ashtanga yoga is the concept of not following any sets of poses. That means no power yoga class is the same. Plus you will sweat a lot in this class.


Closely associated with power yoga is the Ashtanga style. Much complexity is attributed to this technique because it has six varying sets of poses where each set increases in difficulty and complexity building on the previous series. The only way to succeed in doing all six series entails you to start from the bottom, the starting set.


Yoga has become a new frontier for weight loss because of the development of these two types of classes. Now you can sweat more to lose weight using yoga.

When To Consider Surgical Procedure As A Weight Loss Option

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Legions of weight loss programs have scattered all over. Almost every corner of the world features testimonies of individuals who are successful in losing weight. Contrary to these claims, most people wanting to lose some pounds are in reality having the hardest time. Maybe even you have tried slimming pills, teas, and what not — yet you have not even lost a single pound. So you resort to the last possible option, which is going under the knife. However, this is not just for anyone. Before even thinking of going to a plastic surgeon, consider first if you truly need to undergo such an invasive procedure.


One of the conditions to determine if you need surgical procedure is obesity. To know if you are obese, the easiest nutritional status index to use is the BMI or the body mass index. Calculate it by dividing your weight in kilograms to your height in meters, but squaring first your height. The healthy BMI range is between 25 and 29.9. A BMI of greater than 30 is obese but those who really require surgery are individuals with BMI of 40. If your BMI is 30 to 35, you may consider a surgical procedure only if there is a health condition like cardiovascular diseases, which can worsen due to obesity.


Take note that BMI is not the only index used when assessing one’s nutritional condition. Fat distribution is another major factor to look at. This is determined by the waist circumference measure which is a good indicator of android obesity, a condition having more fat in the abdominal area than anywhere else in the body. For women, a waist circumference of higher than 35 inches and for males, a measure of higher than 40 inches may lead to risk of android obesity. Individuals suffering from this condition may require surgery for effective weight loss to avoid being at risk for obesity-related diseases.


Now that you know some of the conditions needing surgery, it is a must that you know the basic information regarding the surgical operations. The first type is gastric bypass, which requires fastening the stomach to make two pouches, a small and a large pouch. Usually, the larger pouch is obstructed to reroute the passage of food particles to the small pouch, hence the term bypass. The second type is the duodenal bypass in which the proximal section of the small intestine is shunted leading to a reduction in absorption of nutrients especially fats.


Surgical procedures are painful so it must not be taken lightly. Complications may arise and to prevent these, it is best to consult a physician for proper diagnosis.

What are the different sources of calcium for optimum health?

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Did you know that the most abundant mineral in the body is calcium? Well, it is because it comprises about 2% of our body weight in which 99% of it is found in teeth, bones, and hard tissues. Besides the major function of calcium, which is related to bone formation, it has other metabolic functions too. These are blood coagulation, responsible for preventing blood loss whenever we have injuries; transmission of nerve impulses in the contraction of skeletal muscles, and regulation of the contraction of the heart muscle. All of these are vital functions in the body. Without calcium, it would be close to impossible to survive in this world.


Calcium is needed by everyone and not just for growing kids. Knowing the different food products rich in calcium will help in planning a 1-week or 4-week cycle menu to meet the nutrient needs of every family member. The all-time favorite answer of children when asked about the foods rich in calcium is milk, of course. Dairy products derived from milk such as cheese and yogurt are excellent sources as well.


Given the fact that not everyone can tolerate milk because they are deficient in the enzyme lactase, does that mean they have no other rich sources of calcium? This should not be a problem because there is a great deal of calcium-rich foods other than dairy products.


Plant-based foods, especially green leafy vegetables are good sources of calcium. Examples of these are collards, turnip greens, and spinach. Though be careful of vegetables containing phytates and oxalates because they make some calcium not available for absorption.


Animal food products that are excellent sources are mostly sea foods like sardines, canned salmons, and clams. Also, eating the bones of fish instead of throwing them away can provide sufficient amounts of calcium.


There are also increasing production and distribution of commercial food products fortified with calcium and these include orange juice, rhubard, bread, and cereal. Still for individuals who think their calcium intake is still not adequate, they have the option to take in vitamin supplements. The age group needing multivitamins the most are children and growing teenagers. Although you have to be careful when taking supplements and check all labels first before buying it. It is advised that you check with the doctor if it is a must to have calcium supplementation.


Excellent sources of calcium are not a problem. They are found everywhere even if you are lactose intolerant. There should be no excuses not to have adequate calcium intake because in the end, you will be the one suffering the consequences of deficiencies like osteoporosis and osteomalacia

The Benefits of Eating Raw Food

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The benefits of raw food has started gaining much wider attention due to the various health benefits it provide compared to cooked food stuffs. Many people are now starting to discover numerous ways on which foods are right to consume raw, which are not, and those which confers much nutrition.


Many food experts have commended on the benefits of raw food considering the many health benefits it provide. One is the live microorganisms contained in raw food that help out in digestion and replenish the normal flora lost in the body during medication along with other enzymes that help in the same respect. This only means that raw food contains all the nutrients there is in food unlike when it was already subjected to heat as in the case of cooking.


A number of raw food diets exist and one of them is raw food foodism, where all kind of food stuffs can be a candidate for consumption. This is in contrast with people who only selects a few number of food types such as the raw vegans that only eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and sprouts.


Juices, meats, and fatty foods are the only food stuffs consumed by people on a primal diet. Although the types vary, all these diet types are bound by the same fact — all of them aim to consume that 75% of everything they eat raw.


Weight loss is also one of the good benefits of eating raw food. Raw food contains substances that increase the efficiency of the digestive system to break down the food we eat. Most raw food eaters who prefer eating vegetables experience this.


Vegetables contains enzymes, they are loaded with tons of enzymes and the heat in cooking removes them. These enzymes help in the quick digestion of food and thereby help burn fat.


Good skin is also one of the advantages of eating raw food. It helps out in this process of keeping the skin healthy since fresh fruits and vegetables still contain most glow-giving nutrients the skin needs.


While this information might sound a little bit more disturbing, eating raw food is beneficial to your total physical health as an individual. Eating food raw removes the possibility of eating trans-fat and other harmful chemicals that are produced when the food is being cooked in high temperature. This information is proven by science as a result of numerous studies conducted in food technology.

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a difficult part of a woman’s life and staying healthy can sometimes pose a great challenge. Eating can become an issue considering the fact that you are actually eating now for two persons.


Staying healthy should be put first in the area of a woman’s health in times of pregnancy. By doing this, it saves you and your baby with problems that would otherwise be experienced by those who are doing otherwise.




The amount and the kind of food you eat are two very important factors to consider for pregnant women. According to experts, pregnant women require at least 300 calories more in their daily food intake. The baby inside a woman’s womb should constantly be provided with enough nutrition throughout the stage of her pregnancy, but all expectant mothers should see to it that they also have enough nourishment for themselves so they are not left with minimal amount of nutrients.


There are vitamins and minerals that are vital to good health. Some of them are folic acid, iron, and calcium. These are vital to the child’s proper brain and bone development, which include the critical areas such as the skull, the spine, and the limbs.


This is one reason why you need to put more attention to the kind of food you eat. Your diet needs to include fresh fruits and vegetables and supplementary vitamins that may not be readily available in the diet.


What Stuffs to Avoid


You should know exactly that smoking and drinking are primary vices that you really need to avoid during pregnancy. These are not only harmful to you but for the baby as well. You are 100% off-limits to these substances because you are risking your baby for possible brain defects and other physical problems if you are constantly exposed to smoke and alcohol.


Too much caffeine is bad for you, too. While coffee is not exactly fatal to unborn babies, excessive intake increases the likelihood that such event would happen so it is wise that you avoid such stuff. If you cannot avoid it, perhaps, you can lessen the amount that you take on a daily basis.


Other fish such as mackerel, tilefish, sharks, and swordfish should also be avoided. These types of fish usually harbor high amounts of mercury which are filtered in the ocean. In the same manner that you avoid medications that can cause serious brain damage.

Staying Healthy and Preventing High Cholesterol

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Physical manifestations of high cholesterol can hardly be felt and only medical tests can clearly show your cholesterol levels. However, it is important to be aware of this because cholesterol can cause bad effects on your body.


Cholesterol is naturally present in our bodies. Some are created in our livers and others we get from the food we eat. We specifically need an amount of cholesterol to create new cells but increased bad cholesterol can block our arteries. When this happens, it affects blood circulation and can cause deadly heart attacks and strokes. However, cholesterol production can be controlled and treated.


While there are medications for high cholesterol, it is always a better choice to prevent possible diseases than to look for a cure. This starts with having a healthier lifestyle. To keep your cholesterol levels low, read up on these tips:


  • Lower your intake of red meat and instant snacks. These are full of cholesterol, trans fat, and saturated fats.


  • Be choosy! That is, choose lean meat over fatty meat and vegetable oil in place of oil from animal fat, such as lard and shortening.


  • Take supplements. Herbal supplements are found in health shops and online food stores. Garlic and flaxseed oil are your best bets since they are known to lower cholesterol.


  • Lose or limit weight. It is necessary to keep from being overweight, as this puts you at risk of having diseases caused by LDL or the bad cholesterol. It also lowers your HDL or your good cholesterol.


  • Stay active. Take up a sport or exercise. This will prevent your LDL from increasing.


  • Drink up! You need to rehydrate and cleanse your body. Water does just this. It get rids off the bad stuff you do not need, like excess cholesterol.


  • Avoid smoking. Everyone knows the bad effects that smoking has on your lungs, skin, teeth and yes, even your cholesterol level. It lowers good cholesterol (HDL).


Taking these simple steps can greatly contribute to having just the right amount of cholesterol. However, some people have high cholesterol as a hereditary trait. Though it is necessary that one should lead a healthy lifestyle, you should also check with the doctor if your cholesterol level remains high. The doctor can discuss the possible medications and the best options.


High cholesterol can be treated with the right diet, lifestyle, and medication. Most people can do away with prescription drugs just by making healthy choices.


Make the right choice and take care of your heart.

Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

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Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the world and accounts to various hospitalizations and medications of people who suffers such disease. In fact, the American adults suffer the greatest mortality rate for such condition.


There are several ways to lessen, if not prevent, the possibility of experiencing heart problems and that include lifestyle changes and a number of good tips to help you win the fight against heart disease.


Below are tips to reduce your risk for heart disease:


·       Avoid smoking. Smoking is one of the biggest factors for the onset of heart disease. Many cases of heart disease usually result from this vice. So do not start as much as you can and if you do, then do everything you can to quit. The risk of developing heart disease is so high for people who smoke. According to studies, those who stopped smoking and were examined after a few months were seen to have dropped the possibility of heart disease risk by 50%. This is in contrast to people who have never smoked. 5 years after the initial termination of smoking, quitters’ risk is just the same as those who have never smoked in the first place.

·       Eat a balanced diet. Balanced diet is the key to ensure that you are getting all the necessary nutrients you need to prevent the possibility of experiencing heart problems. Avoid consuming too much saturated fat and nitrate (sodium)-containing food products. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables so you can keep your blood pressure at a normal level. By doing this, you are also starting your way to preventing further health problems.

·       Do regular exercise. Spending at least 30 minutes for exercising is good for your heart and your entire body. Numerous studies show that a 10-minute cardiovascular workout and resistance for a day helps you maintain your normal body weight, tone your muscles, and keeps your entire circulation at a good working condition.

·       Go for some relaxation. Yoga and other type of exercises and activities such as going for a spa salon is also a good way to keep your entire circulatory system at a rather good working condition.

·       Get your regular vitamins and minerals dose. If you cannot get it in your diet due to food preference, you may want to go for a substitute: supplemental vitamins. Supplemental vitamins that have omega-3 or vitamin E are very healthy for the heart. Those that have L-carnitine and CoQ10 are also perfect for the heart’s health.

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