Japanese Green Tea

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Japan is a country of tea drinkers –green tea drinkers in particular. The health benefits of green tea have been recognized in Asia for many centuries. Chinese and Japanese green tea, for example, is listed in many traditional texts as helpful for almost every kind of health condition. Green tea has more recently gained publicity in the West as a way to prevent many diseases and even as an effective diet food.


Green Tea In Japan

Green tea was supposedly brought over from China in the 12th Century by a Japanese Buddhist priest who introduced Zen to the nation. The notion that green tea and Zen were introduced simultaneously almost seems too perfect to be true, but who knows? In any case, the Japanese took immediately to green tea and have been consuming it in large quantities ever since. The Japanese have also ritualized the drinking of tea with their famous tea ceremonies.


Bancha Tea

There are many forms of green tea popular in Japan, but Bancha is the most common. This type of tea is made from the twigs rather than the leaves of the tea plant. Although this is considered the lowest grade of Japanese tea, it still contains the health benefits of any other kind of green tea. It is popular among people who follow a macrobiotic diet. It also has the lowest caffeine content of any green tea.


Gyokuro Tea

Gyokuro is the highest grade of Japanese green tea. It is grown in the shade before harvesting which gives it a special flavor that many tea drinkers love. It also has the highest caffeine content of the green teas.


Health Benefits of Green Tea

It is speculated that the Japanese have lower rates of certain cancers and heart disease than people in Western countries because of the amount of green tea they consume. Green tea has many healthy properties, but the most powerful is an antioxidant called ECGC, which can help to lower cholesterol, inhibit the growth of many cancer cells and even helps the body burn fat more efficiently.


 Still another benefit to drinking green tea is that it’s good for your teeth and gums. The antioxidants known as catechins (which includes ECGC) kills bacteria that cause gum disease, as well as bad breath.


It seems that you can’t go wrong in following the example of the Japanese and drinking lots of green tea. Green tea is also available as an extract, which is made from the green tea leaves.

Beautify your Health and Body Drinking water

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Why do we need water? What are the effects of water on our health?

Water is the main chemical component which makes about 60-70% weight of the body. Every system of our body depends on water. As water wash out all the toxins of our body. It is very important for the transportation of important nutrients of our body from one part to the other. It keeps our whole body and skin moist. Water is also very important for the one who wants to lose his/her weight because it limits the appetite and help one to shed fat.

The most frequent problem which is faced by the people, who do not drink water, is dehydration. Dehydration occurs when one expel more water then he takes in. And body doesn’t have enough water or other fluids to carry out different functions of the body.  And the result of dehydration is vomiting; fever or it may be excessive sweating. And it is very dangerous for one’s life. It may take one to death.

People who do not take a good deal of water suffer from many skin problems like pimples, acne, dry skin etc. This is why, skin specialists and beauticians recommend people (who suffer from skin problems) to drink a lot of water. People who do not care for drinking water also suffer from dizziness and do not feel fresh ever. It causes weakness and fatigue. They always feel tired. It has been observed that people who drink less water sleep more than the people who drink.

Every day one loses his/her water through one’s urine, sweat, bowel movements, and breathes. If one want his/her body to work properly he needs to drink a lot of water but here question arises how much water one need to drink? First of all, we need to know how much water we lose daily. So here is the answer, An adult lose about 1.9 liters in which  1.5 liters water through urine and the rest is lost by perspiration, breathing and bowl movement. 8 cups of water one loses his/her water from his body.

So if one want his/her body system work properly he will surely have to replace this amount of water. It is suggested by the general people that one have to drink at least 8 glass of water. But Institute of Medicine recommends men to drink about 3 liters while women to drink 2.2 liters a day. If one do a lot of exercise or hold himself doing such task which makes him sweat then, he need to drink lot water to replace the quantity of water which he has lost during exercising. So he needs about 1.5 to 2.5 liters of water.

A pregnant and lactating mother needs a lot water to drink because they need to be hydrated. The Institute of Medicine suggests pregnant and lactating mothers to drink about 2.3 liters water to drink. If anyone wants to beautify his skin and body he/she has to drink right amount of water.

Benifits Of Physical Fitness

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First we study the benefits of Physical fitness, we ought to know what actually the physical fitness is? How one would define it?

Physical fitness is a state of health in which one’s heart, lung, muscles blood vessels; in short, the whole body works properly. In past time, people used to define physical fitness as one’s capacity to do the day’s work without any tiredness but as the time kept on passing and science revolutionized the world and made it easy to do any kind of work, the definition of physical fitness has changed and now it is regarded as ability to the body to function expediently and effectively and to defend against the hypo kinetic disease and to meet critical situation. Here are five basic components of physical benefits:

  1. Aerobic Fitness: It is the capability to do tough activity over a period of time. It is also known as aerobics.
  1. Muscular Strength: The capability to use maximum force such as weight lifting.
  1. Muscular Endurance: This is the capability to hold a particular position for a continued period of time or to repeat that particular movement for several times.
  1. Flexibility: This is the capability to move one’s joint through its full range of motion.
  1. Body Composition: It is the proportion of fat of one’s body as compared to the bone and muscle.

Physical fitness is the blessing of God and one must take care of this beautiful gift. Because without being physical fit no one can enjoy his/her life at his/her full. Physical fitness aid one to defend him/herself from any infections or diseases. And it is also very helpful in making your heart and your blood vessels strong. It helps one to avert him/her from the many cardiovascular diseases. The most important benefit of the physical fitness is that it lowers the chances of death (death caused by any serious illness etc). It lowers the risk of developing heart diseases, colon cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. It also responsible for to develop healthy bones, joints and muscles. It is also very useful in the postponement of aging process. It is normally used to say that strong body is the home for the strong mind. Physical fitness keeps one’s mind fresh and healthy. Other then this, it has been observed that people who are mentally fresh are physical fit but people who suffer from depression are not. It also has been observed that people who are physically fit sleep more soundly then the people who are not physical fit. So, Physical fitness is also responsible for the sound sleep. People who are not physical fit also suffer from acute laziness and tiredness.

So there are many benefits of physical fitness but here is the big question mark that how one can achieve this physical fitness? By being active one. And how one can be active, and there are many ways to be active such as by doing exercise, by doing aerobics, by playing football or basket ball or by cycling or swimming etc. And the most important thing for being physical fit is to take balance diet.

Enjoy Health Practicing Yoga and Meditation

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What is yoga and what is meditation? As a matter of fact, both of them fortify and toughen your body and provide your mind with peace. In present time, both of them are getting very popular in the world because both provide one with the body fitness and spiritual aspect. Both of them are very helpful in treating the medical problems.

The word “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” means to yoke or harness. Yoga seeks to harness or yoke the energy of body and mind with each other, to utilize this energy more constructively and beneficially. Yoga is dating from around 500 B.C and it is an Indian Body Knowledge. Indian regards Yoga as philosophy of Indian metaphysical beliefs. The Upanishads, very old divine books which sketch out the spiritual set of guidelines of Hindu philosophy, make a great deal of reference to yoga. The very first achievements of practicing Yoga are the sensation of “lightness” and “fair complexion”. Yoga also helps in getting rid of many body disorders.

What is Meditation and how it calms down your mind? Meditation is really very effective in providing the peace of mind. It aids the mind to get rid of the stress. It focus all your mind in the present rather leaving your mind engaged in the past or the future. There are various kinds of meditation but no one knows the exact numbers of the kinds of meditation. Most popular types of meditation are Transcendental meditation, Zen Meditation, Taoist meditation mindfulness meditation, Buddhist meditation and prayer.

Yoga and meditation has very good relation with each other. Practicing Yoga can help in meditation to great extent. For instance, while meditating one has to sit for a period of time. And that period may be short or long. But when one practice Yoga his/her body get flexible and flexible body helps him/her to feel relaxed while sitting for a long or short period of time during meditating. Yoga and Meditation are regarded as two different things but as a matter of fact both of them are mutually supporting.

By practicing Yoga and Meditation one can bring down the stress level and can improve the physical strength and can boost the stamina up. Both of these are very helpful in healing the injuries. By the practicing Yoga and Meditation one can also treat his/her depression. It also create big impacts on their moods which can be very helpful in socializing him/herself. It improves the posture of the body. It controls blood pressure. In short, one build himself/herself physical fit and kick out the all the physical and mind disorders of his/her life.

And it is very important in present time to practice Yoga and Meditation as they treat depression and calms down the mind of people. And the calmness of the mind is very important for the better future of the world and is also very important for keeping peace in the world.