West Maui: A Retreat for Royalty

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In the old Hawaiian days West Maui was actually a retreat for royalty and at one point it was the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. While not the capital of Hawaii anymore, the West Maui area still offers luxurious single-family homes, townhouses and condos for anyone looking to live a more luxurious lifestyle.

The area is made up of Lahaina, Kapalua and Kaanapali. Each of these pockets offers amazing amenities like some of Hawaii’s best golf, whale watching and water sports. A golfer and outdoor lover’s paradise, West Maui has something for everyone so why not take some time to view some of the amazing single-family homes, townhouse and condos that West Maui has to offer?

Walking the historic streets of Lahaina you will immediately notice that the West Maui real estate is a little but more upscale than other parts of the island. As we said, it was home to royalty, and while it isn’t anymore, a royal and luxurious atmosphere of golf courses, single-family homes, town houses, condos, shopping centers, restaurants and nightlife awaits you in the Real Estate marketplace of West Maui.

The Median sales price of a home in Lahaina is actually only hovering around the $315,000 price range. However, prices start to rise more if you are looking to venture into the West Maui areas of Kapalua or Kaanapali. Median home prices in these areas will start around the $500,000 mark and rise into the millions, depending on the area (golf course or beach) that you are looking to purchase a single-family home, townhouse or condo in.

This is what makes West Maui great! There is a little something for everyone. While everyone can access the beaches, shopping, golfing and restaurants, home prices actually vary a lot, so there are always great deals to be had on single-family homes, townhouses and condos in the area. You don’t have to be a millionaire to live here, but you can definitely feel like one.

If you are on the market for a single-family home, townhouse or condo and are looking for some place that will make you feel like you are living to high-life (even if you don’t have high-life money) then take a few minutes to look into the Real Estate prospects that West Maui has to offer.

West Maui was once a retreat for royalty and the capitol of Hawaii. Now it’s your turn to live here, view some listings today!

Healthy Vacations In Hawaii on Maui

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View of Lanai from Maui, Hawaii

When tourists arrive on Maui, they often throw out their healthy lifestyles from home and trade them for the lazy life of beach living, large portions of divine food, and several drinks a night.  While this may be a much-needed vacation, it is possible to experience all Maui vacation rentals has to offer without throwing healthy lifestyles out the window.  By the very nature of pacific-rim and fusion cuisine, the use of seafood is an automatic help.  As long as visitors try local food instead of dining at national chains like California Pizza Kitchen, The Cheesecake Factory, and other food giants, they should be safe.  Some of Hawaii’s freshest fish is quite lean and actually very healthy.

Natural and organic diets can be continued while on Maui.  There are several health food stores in downtown Kahului, the island’s major city.  Milagros, Down to Earth Natural Foods, Alive & Well Natural Health, and a number of other similar stores can provide inexpensive but very healthy foods and drinks.  Most local grocery stores also have begun to carry a number of different organic, reduced fat, and healthy snacks and food items.  For tourists looking to eat the extra fries or drink the extra beer, most hotels have twenty-four hour gyms and fitness centers to shed those extra pounds.

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