Aromatherapy at home

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Have you ever visited spa or some wellness center and have performed aromatherapy for yourself? Have you ever asked this question to yourself that whether it is possible to perform such treatments at home? Yes it is possible to perform aromatherapy at home if you have a sound knowledge of the products.

Perfect aromatherapy is done only using essential oils. These means these oils are extracted from some natural items like plants and flowers which have the source as well as oil from that source. Most people believe that combination of these two has the best benefits for healing. So major point is if you want to perform aromatherapy at home means you should be aware with the good source of essential oils. Best one for this is organic source because they are totally free from the chemicals and toxins. It is surely possible to do aromatherapy at home but it not so simple like purchasing some essential oils from the market and rubbing it on the parts of the body.  Sometimes it can burn your skin because these are very highly concentrated substances. So, it may cause serious damage. So, we need to take care of this thing and handle it very carefully. There are multiple carriers like oils, soaps, bath products or water depending upon your utilization. It is totally up to you to experiment each of them to find out which one can be the best one which will surely work for you. First step in all this is to blend the essential oils and carriers and then finally storing them at a proper place. Normally these are oil based products so they are kept in dark glass containers. Reason behind this is because if they are directly exposed to the light then they might lose their healing properties. Even these containers must be a glass no other materials because it is having an acidic materials which can damage other materials. But if you are preparing shampoo or soap then you can make use of heavy plastic bottles. Once the products are kept in a right container now store them in a cool place and protected from light also.

As we know that these essential oils have a great benefit but sometimes these becomes also poisonous. So we should not keep them where children could get hold of it. Unless your doctor has not advised you even you should not use them on children. Some oils are there which are very risky for pregnant woman or sometimes it can raise a blood pressure also. So while using any of these products you should read the complete profile. You should proceed carefully if you are using it first time. If you are very much concerned about the possibility of an allergy then the first thing is you should do a skin test. Take a drop of essential olive oil and rub it on your upper arm if you see some redness or swelling after sometime then stop using that oil.

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Menstruation Problem due to Obesity- Seek Yoga Help

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The regular cycle of women get disturbed due to the menace obesity. The obese women have to face prolonged or scanty periods. This may cause hirsutism, blotting, laziness and other such disorders. This may cause harm even in conceiving a pregnancy.

This can be well sorted with the help of yoga. Yoga has solution to almost all the disorders of the human body. So it is good to teach yoga to young girls, so that they can get benefits from it and lead healthy and energetic life.

It is believed that young girls should not practice inverted yogic exercises while their monthly cycle. This is true that because it adheres the flow of menstrual blood. This inversion should be carefully hindered to avoid any problem in near future.

Practicing Yoga:

However, practicing yoga is good during menstruation, as this will help you to regulate the flow of blood. But special care is to be taken when you actually start practicing yoga while your monthly cycle.

There is a common observation that women are disturbed when they just reach to their menstrual bleeding. This is because the process make them disturbed internally that it comes out anyhow. So to avoid such disturbance you must plan the routine of yoga asana which will support the menstruation. This is really helpful and beneficial for women of all ages as this makes them free from disturbed state of mind.

The yoga will also help the women to attain the maximum health of internal organs. These organs need strength for the whole life. You can strengthen the health of internal organs by just adding exercises that tone your abdominal and hip muscles. So you must practice postures such as cat, cobra and fish. These postures are very effective as far as strength of abdomen is considered.

The period cramps and premenstrual syndrome are also well sorted with the help of yoga to utmost extent.  This is simply by adding simple postures like cat and fish.

The irritation of mood during menstruation can also be well sorted with the help of yoga. It makes mood light and healthy, so young girls often like to learn yoga practicing.

The helpful thing yoga do is that it will create comfort and easiness for young girls. This is what make them comfortable in such a painful and irritated days. This is you can get the fair result just in time if you start yoga when you are just enter the teenage, this will help you in each and every phase of life such as puberty, pregnancy, feeding your baby etc.

This is said to young girls eat well and do yoga. This really means that you should be good enough in practicing yoga for rest of your life. This little effort of learning yoga at younger age will appear to be fruitful for rest of your life. This effort will be give you its benefits throughout your life. So learn simple yoga postures like fish, cat and cobra right now!

A Step towards Healthy Life

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What is Exercise? Exercise is a physical activity. A particular kind of movement that works your body at a greater intensity

There are two types of exercise:

1. Anaerobic:

It means “without oxygen.” These are exercises such as slow walking, bowling or weight lifting etc.

2. Aerobic:

Aerobic mean “with oxygen.” It is that kind of exercise in which you get necessary amount of oxygen such as cycling, jogging in garden, ruining, stepping etc.

Benefits of Anaerobic exercise:

As a matter of fact, exercise is very important for one’s health and body as it creates positive affects on one’s health, body and mind. The most important advantage of exercising is that it aid one to prevent him/herself from the cardiovascular diseases. It prevents one from developing high blood pressure. It reduces cholesterol levels. It strengthens one’s blood vessels. It toughens one’s muscle and is responsible for making one’s bones flexible and strong. It increase the rate of blood circulation of one’s body and this very helpful for those people who want their hair and skin beautiful. It helps in maintaining the weight of ones body and aid in reducing the fat of body.

It plays a vital role in reducing the risk of the development of colon and breast cancer. Exercising helps in lessening the anxiety and depression. It improves the health of brain. It reduces the elements of laziness. When we do exercise our body precipitate, in this way many dangerous toxins get expelled out of our body. So in this way exercise also removes toxins from our body. It increases the strength of muscles and in this way it will aid you to prevent yourself form the back pain.

Benefits of Aerobic exercise:

Aerobic exercises are very important in this regard that they provide one’s body with maximum amount of oxygen. When body get right amount of oxygen it improves the texture of the skin and beautifies one’s body and face. Other than this it provides muscle with maximum amount of oxygen and increases their efficiency. It lessens the body fats and improves the weight of the body.

Here are many ways through which you can exercise such as walking with high intensity, jogging, swimming, skipping, etc.

How to start exercising? If you have not been active for a long period of time then get started. But wait you should start your workout with low intensity. So first start with walking, And do some dance; it will create fun in your life as well as health.

If you can’t buy exercising equipments or cannot join health club or Gym then plays with your kids. It will all be a fun and will be a good start to a healthy life. If you don’t have time try to do a little, because something is better then nothing.

And the most important thing that you should keep in your mind is that while you keep on exercising you should take balanced diet otherwise you will not get achieve the perfect result of your exercise.

Sweet Dreams

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What is sleep? Sleep is a mental relaxing condition in which one become nearly inactive and unaware of what is happening near him/her. It is actually a partial aloofness from the world. While sleeping most of the external stimuli are blocked from the senses. It has been observed that brain is active even while sleeping. Human brain does never reduce inactivity.

There are two kinds of sleep:

1. NREM (Non-rapid eye movement):

Our body starts sleep cycle. There are various stages in sleep cycles. And NREM includes first four stages of this cycle. In first two stages sleep is very light and one can be awakened with ease and the contraction of his/her body muscle can be seen but in the next two stages (3rd and 4th) person enter in deep sleep and in this condition it is very difficult to awake him/her . In these last two stages of NREM eye-movement and the contraction of muscle cannot be seen.

2. REM (Rapid Eye Movement):

REM includes the fifth stage of the life cycle. Person enters in this stage usually after 90 minutes of the sleep. In this stage one start dreaming and rapid eye movement starts. And you cannot see any other muscle moving.

And this cycle of NREM and REM keep on repeating while person is sleeping.

Why do we need sleep? Most of the people consider sleep as useless but, as a matter of fact, it is not. It is very important to sleep because it enables the mind and body to revitalize, regain strength and restore. Sleeping perform the housekeeping task such as regulate long-term memory, putting together new information and repairing and regenerating tissues. Sleep let one to arrange his past, present and future actions and thoughts. It is very important for the emotional and person’s physical well being. People who do not care for sleeping cannot perform even very easy task rightly.

Sleeplessness causes laziness and fatigue. It has been observed that people who do not take enough sleep suffer from depression and the feel loneliness. Sleeplessness can cause mood swings and due to these factors one can get far from his/her family and friends. So sleeplessness can affect the socializing of any person. If one take very healthy diet and exercise but do not care for the his/her sleep will not ever get physically and mentally fit.

How much sleeps do one need? It is very important factor to know. It is been recommended by the doctors that one should take 6-8 hours sleep. Especially for the growing children it has been suggested that they should take maximum and minimum 8 hours of sleep because it help in the growth of one’s body. It prevents one from drowsiness and keeps one’s mind fresh.

Now, here we come to the sleep disorders. Sleep disorders (somnipathy) is actually a medical disorder of sleep patterns. And there are different kinds of sleep disorders which leaves great impact on the health of the person.


  1. Night Terror:

2. Wake syndrome

3. Parasomnias

4. Bruxism

5. Delayed sleep phase syndrome

6. Sleep paralysis

7. Sleepwalking

8. Rapid Eye Movement behavior Disorder

9. Restless legs Syndrome

10. Hyperpnoea

How these disorders can be treated? There are four kinds of treatments for the sleep disorders.

Behavioral/ psychototherspeutic treatments



Other Somatic treatments


To cure some sleep disturbances meditation and somatic treatments will do good. But some disorders like narcolepsy can be treated by pharmacology. But some like chronic and primary disorders would be more easily cured by behavioral interventions. But for some acute sleeping disorders special equipments will be required.

Encountered by Obesity-Get Help from Yoga

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The obesity is one of the biggest problems which have encountered number of people of the world. Obesity is basically termed to the accumulated fat in the body of any person, who has reduced his mobility due to busy official and home chores.  This accumulated fat in the body thus results in the increased body weight. This increased body fat is harmful for the person for his movement and his general health.

You might have seen that how much it is difficult for the overweighed people to move with such an ease like smart and trimmed body person move around. It is very difficult to get rid of this stubborn fat once you have encountered with it. But you can still sort it out with the help of simple and easy yogic techniques.

The obese people might face the problem in respiration or breathing process. This is because there is too much fat in the body which adhere the oxygen to reach each and every cell in the body. So there is huge obstruction in breathing system which makes even teenagers lazy like people of older age. Yoga will bring breathing process into work as all of the exercises include focus on breathing and calmness of mind.

Yoga Helping Obese People: You can undertake yoga to overcome the accumulated fat in your body. You just need to make a beginners regime to follow some simple exercises of yoga.  This will help you to put you in track. If you select easy yogic exercises this will help you on overcoming a problems like muscle paining and cramps. So you just need to do some light exercise when you actually start to exercise.

Yoga is useful for all the age groups as this will not leave any harmful effects like muscle spasm and other such hard things. It is rather helpful for the old people as it generates flexibility in upper and lower body. It also helps to increase bone density in old women. That is the reason why yoga is suggested to old people.

Yoga also helps people to get their eating habits to keep in controlled gear. This is because yoga gives peace of mind. The people who undertake yogic exercises succeed in getting control on their self and wills. So they can avoid any temptation which causes stubborn fat in their body regarding fatty foods.

Yoga can make the person who has being undertaking yogic exercise fit, smart and slim. You can get your old clothes back fit to your body when you start practicing yoga.

This is really an inexpensive way to reduce accumulated fat in the body. You might have invested in joining big expensive gyms. These gyms can really do nothing for you as you are not properly taught how to use the equipment there in.

Simply give all of your efforts to the yoga. Once you get a grasp on the exercises your body will get back to the shape. This will not only make you slim and trim rather will make you confident, active and energetic. This will make your breathing system back to work. So practice yoga!

Are You Losing Water Or Fat While Dieting?

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Diet or any other starvation diets will make you lose water rather than fat. Nearly 60% of the weight loss with these diets is just water as has been proved by research on this subject. If you go on a starvation diet and see quick weight loss, chances are that it is the water weight loss.

This water weight loss will be regained once you stop dieting and your body re-hydrates. And losing too much of water from the body may not be very good for your health. So you have to be careful and not get too excited about initial weight loss.

It is best to totally avoid such diets where you have to starve yourself. A better option would be to stick to a healthy diet plan to lose weight. And it is usually best to combine healthy diet program with little exercise if you want to stay lean.

As you starve yourself, your metabolism rate too would drop and then the weight loss would not be as rapid as it was initially. The diet should be such that it does not ruin or decrease the metabolism rate too much. Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits while dieting and drink lot of water. Drinking lot of water can help you know whether the weight you are losing is actually water loss or fat loss.

A study done by German researches on 7 men and women indicated that consuming water helped in increasing metabolism rate by about 30%. Metabolism rate refers to the rate at which calories are burned. Higher metabolism rate can mean more weight loss.

Try replacing soft drinks or energy drinks with water which can mean fewer calories and better health.

You can also add watery fruits and vegetables in your diet they will provide with other essential vitamins and minerals to your diet. This is really a good thing which you can use to get freshness and giving up the stubborn accumulated fat in your body.

Want to know some more benefits of drinking water:

  • It helps your digestion
  • Your body will retain less water if you drink more water
  • Drinking water can increase metabolism rate.
  • Drinking cool water in the early mornings can be especially good for your body.

So drinking water is good for weight loss, you just have to keep it to moderation need to overdo it too much. You can start with small goals and improve further.

It’s difficult for the body to get proper nutrition if you are going on very low calorie diets and especially if you are eating the same foods day after day. The end result could be that it could harm your body and deprive you of proper nutrition. And most of the times you would regain back the weight you lost afterwards. The rapid water loss is not good for the body. This is really good to add plenty of water in your daily diet to dispose-off fats in the body.