Steps to Great Makeup

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Bear in mind that if you wish to look eye-catching, you must be aware of the ways and means by which makeup is to be applied. There are certain steps which must necessarily be followed, so as to ensure the appropriate application of makeup.

  • It is always advisable to steer clear of the application of excessive makeup. Remember that makeup is supposed to highlight your most noticeable features, and it is definitely not necessitated that unwarranted interest should be focused on you, which would certainly occur by the application of excessive makeup. It is always advisable not to put on disproportionate makeup in certain areas.
  • Remember that the application of excessive thick as well as dark colored eyeliner would impart an over-the-top look to your eye makeup, and would have a detrimental effect.
  • Also remember that if you put on too much mascara, it would not look genuine and would additionally deteriorate. This would look worse if it is incorporated along with deep eyeliner or else a dark blue colored eye shadow.
  • See to it that the foundation which you apply on your skin is an equivalent color, as compared with your skin tone. In order to ensure appropriate application of makeup, it is imperative that you must unify it into the skin, as this would impart a level look to the skin, in general.
  • Face powder should also be appropriately applied so that it is combined with your face makeup and does not look too apparent.
  • Ensure that the lip liner which you are applying completely envelops the lips. This would additionally ensure that the color as well as the lipstick would remain, for a longer duration. See to it that the lip liner is not too apparent. Moreover, the lipstick shade should be equivalent with the skin tenor.
  • Ensure that you apply makeup as befitting the occasion. Furthermore, see to it that your morning makeup is lesser as compared with your evening makeup.
  • There are some women who would prefer to opt for a nude look, as they are not aware as to the appropriate application of makeup. If you are not certain as to the correct application of makeup, it is advisable that you should initiate the process incorporating lighter shades, within your makeup. Initiate the process with foundation, include mascara,  as well as blush or else lipstick
  • Remember that the natural look is totally in vogue. For this, it is best to steer clear of colors which have the possibility to spar. For instance, if you apply too much of dark colored makeup, it would impart an elderly and cruel look to your appearance.
  • Also bear in mind that the color which you use, for your hair should be in sync with your skin tone. This essentially means that if you have light colored skin, utilize light colors for your hair.

These are the necessary steps for great makeup application, which would surely turn heads wherever you go.

How to get rid of circles under eyes?

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This is a common query which is faced by numerous people, as to what is the procedure which is necessitated for getting rid of circles under eyes. No one would wish to have eyes which look bulging.  Under eye circles can lead to a lot of distress for the persons afflicted by it, as it is quite unsightly as well as makes you look elderly.

If you indulge in temporary measures such as bleaching the area, under the eye it would not assist in getting rid of the under-eye circles. Further useless measures include undergoing treatment such as laser as well as surgery. In order to completely eliminate all traces of under-eye circles, it is imperative that you must deal with the foundation to a certain extent and this is also inclusive of the suggestion of eyebags. If you can ascertain the reason behind the occurrence of under eye circles, it would assist you to a considerable extent in gauging the exact cause behind it so that you can seek a suitable treatment. Moreover, you would also not feel perturbed that you are unable to deal with the root cause of the problem.

In the initial instance, it is imperative that you must be cognizant as to the changes which are occurring inside your body. The dark circles are a standard muddle and the place where this occurs is within the capillary. This is to be ascertained in the guise of a natural outline and this also incorporates the sequence of the circulatory system for the reason that as soon as the blood gushes from the heart and goes all the way in the course of the arteries prior to its arrival, to the veins, it is rendered mandatory for it to travel all the way through the capillaries. Capillaries are in essence minute vessels, and this is the reason why the bloodstream is blocked. The blood which is discharged makes its presence felt, underneath the eyes after which it assumes the appearance of a fragment. This fragment is perceptible as the skin under the eye area is very thin,

Additional factors which exacerbate this condition are deficiency of sleep, undernourishment, allergies, and so forth. It would be beneficial for you if you could ascertain the exact reasons as to why you are suffering from this condition. For instance, if you can view dark circles underneath your eyes on account of deficiency of sleep, you must ensure that you get sufficient slumber.

There are lots of ways by which you can completely eliminate circles under the eyes. However, in order to profitably do away with wrinkles, dark circles as well as bags which signal their presence in the region of your eyes, you must necessarily make use of the most excellent ingredients as well as the most modern expertise in skin care products.

This is the essential procedure by which you can eliminate under eye circles. Additional treatment includes the usage of Xtend-Life Eye Serum, as this is a verified measure by means of which under eye circles can be completely eliminated.

How to Care for Blisters

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Blisters are a regular occurrence for people who indulge in extensive, recurring actions such as running, and they have learnt how to take it in their stride. A majority of the doctors would advocate that you steer clear of draining your blisters yourself, and they would be accurate in their admonition. This is not feasible however when the blister happens to be on your own feet. If you can ensure that you do not saunter, or else sprint it is then quite probable that the blister would either mature or else it would come apart on it’s own subsequent to which, it must be appropriately drained.

If you wish to care for your blister, you must drain it, and this must be accomplished quite methodically as well as in a hygienic manner. The ideal time during which you should accomplish this task is subsequent to a bath or else a shower, as it is during that instance that your skin happens to be uncontaminated, yielding as well as damp. After this, you must be ready for the procedure which is necessitated for treating your blister.

The initial step which is necessitated is that you must necessarily disinfect a pin or else a needle beneath a flame or else by means of alcohol after which ensure that you acquire some spotless tissue paper. Utilize a region which is properly illuminated, and position yourself in a manner which would enable you to have easy admittance to your blister, utilizing your hands together. By means of the sharp object, ensure that you unhurriedly and cautiously infiltrate the skin above the blister; and in this regard you must necessarily utilize your preeminent decision as this would assist in ascertaining at what time the tip has entered the bubble following which you can remove it, and then put moderate force in the region of the blister as well as scrutinize it for drainage.

In case there is a lack of drainage, continue this process, till the time when you are successful at breaking through the blister following which a clear liquid starts to trickle out. Subsequent to this process, all that you would be required to do is to swathe the blister by means of the tissue, and put in moderate force to the nearby region so that the liquid is drained out, which would ultimately be taken in by the tissue.

As soon as the blister has been drained in an appropriate manner, all that you would be required to do is to garb it by means of a little quantity of permeable tissue or else gauze as well as envelop it with a bandage. See to it that it is waterless as well as unsoiled for some days and should you happen to take on the activity which had led to its occurrence in the first place prior to the repairing process, see to it that you supply additional padding.

This is the process which is required, to care for your blisters.

Green Tea and Skin Wrinkles

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Green Tea has the equivalent invigorating distinctiveness of caffeine. It is also in vogue as a cure for diverse ailments which encompass weight loss, sarcoma, and heart disease and is also inclusive of skin aging. It has been ascertained that there are certain distinct kinds of tea and this is ascertained on the basis of their technique of dispensation as well as yield, and they are the black tea, green tea, as well as white tea.

Recent studies have proven that Green tea has numerous advantages as far as its effect on the skin is concerned. The major advantage which it proffers is that it is a means of safeguarding against skin cancer. It also minimizes the harm which is sustained by the harsh sun’s UV rays and this is not accomplished by functioning in the capacity of a sun block however in its place it discharges free radicals and this plummets the inflammation, and this is the primary reason as to why this is a central constituent within sun blocks.

Though it has been proven that green tea is quite effective as an anti -seditious and anti-oxidant agent, green tea also has additional benefits such as postponing the visible marks of skin aging which are manifested in the form of skin drooping as well as wrinkles. Thus, it is an excellent idea to utilize the option of green tea so as to minimize the occurrence of fine lines. It must however be kept in mind that the efficacy of green tea as far as skin wrinkles are concerned, is yet to be verified.

Though it is veracity that the effectiveness of green tea for minimizing the occurrence of skin wrinkles are concerned, it is always feasible to incorporate green tea in your diet, as this is an effective constituent of your every day attractiveness schedule. For this end, Green tea can be utilized so as to be an integral part of your beauty course of therapy in the mentioned ways:

It is worthwhile to employ optimum utilization of green tea extracts prior to the application of sunscreen, and this should be achieved more so before you step out into the harsh and damaging rays of the sun. It is worthwhile to utilize sun screen creams in the company of a zinc oxide foundation as it has been verified that this amalgam would not respond and this is more so when it has been coalesced or else if it is utilized along with green tea.

Alternately, you can also purchase green tea creams which can be acquired as you shop for your supplementary skin care products.

It is an actuality that green tea is constituted of polyphenols, and this is an essential factor which assists you in the process of anti-aging.

Bear in mind that you could always utilize green tea for delaying the onset of fine lines as well as skin wrinkles, and this is a solution which is completely devoid of any harmful side-effects. However, use your discretion and select your product cautiously, as it is to be used on your skin.

Effective Homemade Remedies to Fight against Acne

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A skin condition which afflicts everyone, irrespective of their age, is acne. This is also renowned in the form of pimples, and can make its presence felt on the visage and neckline, rear as well as shoulders. An even greater medical condition is known as Acne Vulgaris, within which people have to seek medical aid. People seek the aid of counteracting this by means of the popular creams such as Pro Active, PhytoMe Acne Gel, as well as homemade remedies. There are people who do not meddle with acne at all, and just sit and wait for the time when it would magically fade away, or so they think. It is an actuality that acute cases of acne can leave behind obnoxious scars, and this is also to be viewed amidst elderly people, as it is veracity that as people get older, skin problems take time to heal, and this is even more so subsequent to acne eruptions.

The ideal treatment is to ensure that you look after your skin well before the occurrence of acne. It is also advisable not to miss out on breakfast as well as steer clear of late night revelry, on a frequent basis. If you have no other option, it is always advisable to mull over washing your face on a daily basis and this can be accomplished by means of soap and water, and this is quite beneficial as it would clean your skin, intensely. It is also worthwhile to ensure that you have a certain quantity of Tea Tree Oil just a stone’s throw away, as in a majority of the countries, Tea Tree oil is unsurpassed as a pimple cure.

Lessen the number of chocolates which you are consuming in a daily basis, as well as ensure that you limit your caffeine intake. This is imperative as it is necessary to ensure an appropriate diet when you are in the process of struggling with an excessive outbreak of acne.

There are certain effectual homemade remedies, which work wonders as far as acne is concerned. If you can ensure the application of a mask which is constituted of oatmeal and is also combined with water, it would be extremely beneficial for skin which is afflicted by an acne outbreak. This treatment is to be accomplished two times during the entire week. If you can sustain the mask on top of the areas which are hit by acne, and leave it in for sometime, you would soon view that your skin looks dirt free and is also less greasy.

A combination of orange peel along with water is also beneficial for acne plagued skin. Apply it for 30 minutes, after which you can remove it, by means of warm water. After this, add a tonic to the affected areas.

These are the essential home remedies which work wonders for skin afflicted by acne. However, incase these remedies are unproductive; seek the advice of a reputed dermatologist to counteract the problem of acne.

Do good looks equal success & happiness?

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Good looks are equivalent with success, as well as happiness. There is no additional methodical evidence which is necessitated in order to corroborate this fact. This is the reason as to why there is a high demand for cosmetic surgery, as well as enhanced demand for the beauty industry. Ever since the time when he is born, a child’s looks have a lot to determine, and this happens all through his educational years, throughout university, and continues till the time when he is settled in his vocation. After all, it is an actuality that a person who is good-looking would enjoy certain privileges as compared with someone who is not.

There are two determining aspects which establish a person’s achievement or failure, which are confidence as well as self-worth. Wherever a person who is attractive to look at, visits, he is entitled to his share of credit, as well as approval. This makes it feasible for them to improve their performance, as they are assured that it would lead to a favorable outcome. An average looking person works quite hard to get his share of credit, whereas a person, who is attractive to look at, gets it effortlessly.

Where certain areas are concerned like constructing long-lasting relationships, dating, as well as selecting one’s partner, people who are attractive to look at, are preferred initially. When a person is at the pubescent stage, this is the time when good looks are quite imperative as far as options are concerned. There are people who are employed within sales, the service sector, PR as well as marketing who resort to optimum usage of their looks, so that they can be the best in their profession.

However, in the past it has been proven that there were leaders, legendary figures as well as artists who have managed to accomplish a lot, and this was not just due to their good looks, but on account of their talent. There were people who did not possess a noticeable physical appearance, they were imperfect, and however they have managed to carve a niche for themselves, as compared with people who have just utilized their beauty to reach a particular position.

In fact the statement as to whether good looks equal success and happiness can be verified by the fact that if looks were all that important, parents would not have been able to love their lesser good looking children. In fact the topnotch positions within the corporate world would have been occupied by all the attractive people.

Though it is verity that people who are good-looking are given preference, it is equally true that your looks cannot ascertain the level of accomplishment which you would get, in future. Luck is also a determining factor, as it is impossible to solely rely on good looks. If you wish to be successful in this world, you would have to ensure that you have the requisite qualities which are required for success, namely personality, and professionalism.

Apply your Makeup for a Great Daytime Look

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Do you wish to acquire the appearance of a princess? Do you wish to incorporate a look which is perfect for the daytime? All that you would be required to do, in this regard is to adhere to certain steps which are necessitated for makeup use, and this would go a long way in assisting you so that you can attain a spectacular appearance, which is at the same time, not too loud. This is a look which can be incorporated within your everyday makeup, and this ensures appropriate application of makeup, whatever is the occasion.

In the first instance, it is advisable to opt for a highlighted moisturizer, rather than a crème, powder, or else liquid foundation, as this is ideal for daytime makeup. This is to be incorporated even more so during the summer, as this would contribute towards an unsullied, dewy appearance. If you wish to integrate additional tint to your face, it is worthwhile to opt for a crème blush, as this would impart an innate radiance to your face. If you wish to opt for a suitable tinted moisturizer, you can utilize the option of LORAC’s ProtecTINT SPF 30 Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer, and for the purpose of a crème blush, you can opt for NARS Crème blush.

It is also worthwhile to incorporate a liner, which would incorporate added appeal to your overall daytime makeup look. For this, it is essential that you should put liner to your upper lashes at the base as a replacement for the top lashes. Cake liners are a good proposition if you are just venturing into the sphere of makeup application. For its correct application, all that you would be required to do is to acquire an eyeliner brush after which you must necessarily include the cake liner. Subsequently, lightly thrust the color up as well as below the line of your upper lashes. This would lead to the creation of an imperceptible clarity as a result of which your eyes would look even more prominent. Additionally, you could also utilize the option of a liquid liner, for more outstanding eye makeup.

It is also prudent to incorporate a slight stroke of mascara as it would function in the capacity of an eye brightener. If you wish to incorporate undefined volume into your eye makeup, seek the Shu Uemura Precise Volume Mascara Waterproof as this mascara is completely similar in temperament with this precise method.

To top it off, the lips must also be deftly outlined. For this, you would need to utilize a lip pencil throughout in place of lipstick as your lips would then look complete, natural, as well as ensure that the color would be enduring. This is why it is imperative to make use of a natural colored lip pencil all the way through the lips, apply it by means of a light, feather stroke as this would enable it to merged on account of which it would  fade away into the lips.

These are the essential tips for daytime makeup application and if you follow these tips, you would resemble a spectacular daytime diva.

Two Basic Types of Aging – Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aging

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When, exactly, did it all start? Where did our carefree youth dis­appear to, the time when only the occasional blemish could ruin our day? It’s sneaky, I know, and even potentially distress­ing, but there’s no way around the fact that aging will happen to each and every one of us. We might not be able to completely dodge the effects of aging, but understanding how and why it happens can teach us a lot about slow­ing the process down.

There are two basic types of aging: intrinsic (or chronological) and extrinsic (or environ­mental). The first type, intrinsic aging, has to do with the inevitable passage of time and the conditions that arise because of it. In the 1960s, scientists discovered that the root cause of aging lay deep within our skin cells’ DNA, which is why it’s a good idea to glance at your parents to see what the future holds for you. Some of the conditions that come with intrinsic aging will happen no matter how well-intentioned you are. The good news—and anyone who is devoted to reading at least the occasional beauty magazine has certainly heard this before—is that there is plenty you can do to lessen their appearance. In fact, an entire industry is devoted to it!

The second type of aging is more sinister, if only because it falls within our control. Extrinsic aging is responsible for most of the harm that we view as aged skin, and it is brought on by external factors like smoking, pollution, sleep depriva­tion, poor nutrition, and of course the big one: exposure to the sun. Because this process is avoidable and usually self-inflicted, it is often referred to as premature aging. It’s also important to note that skin cancer occurs almost exclusively in prematurely aged skin.

Intrinsic Aging—Signs Include:

• Dry skin: As we age, the skin’s oil glands produce signif­icantly less oil, resulting in pronounced dehydration that makes wrinkles more apparent.

• Wrinkles: The natural loss of those little worker bees, collagen and elastin, is largely to blame for the appear­ance of wrinkles. Years of dynamic expressions, in the form of smiling, laughing, frowning, and squinting, also contribute to wrinkles.

• Large pores: They’re the bane of our existence, since they can make the complexion look rough and uneven. Some people are predisposed to enlarged pores (thanks, Mom!) while others are blessed with skin like glass. As we age, the loss of the skin’s underlying support system prompts the pores to become even larger.

• Redness: A cluster of fine red lines appear most frequently on the cheeks and nose, and they’re due to the prolifera­tion of tiny broken capillaries underneath the skin.

• Decreased healing capability: Starting in our thirties, the turnover rate of epidermal cells slows down remarkably, resulting in both a dulled complexion and a decreased ability to heal wounds.

Extrinsic Aging—Signs Include: In addition to the natural signs of aging, many people experience the following:

• Increased roughness: As free radicals, mainly from sun­light, destroy the skin’s collagen and elastin, the skin cells start to turn over in an irregular fashion resulting in scaly patches of rough skin.

• Spots everywhere: Constant exposure to the sun’s ultra­violet rays makes our skin pigment act abnormally, result­ing in spots throughout the face, upper chest, and hands—basically, anywhere the sun has shone on.

• Excessive wrinkling: Even more pronounced wrinkling, particularly on the cheeks, neck, and forehead, is usu­ally seen only in individuals who have been exposed to the sun.

• Sagging skin: Think of our elastin as rubber bands and the sun as a scissor. Now imagine that scissor (the sun) cutting the rubber band (elastin) into tiny pieces. How much bounce will those tiny rubber fragments now have? Not much, and that’s exactly what happens with environmental damage.

Effects of Sun on the Skin

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Whenever unprotected (read: naked and devoid of sunblock) skin is exposed to the sun, an insidious cycle of damage is ini­tiated almost immediately. The two ultraviolet rays that are found in sunlight, UVB and UVA, deliver their blows in dif­ferent ways. The first, UVB, is often called the “burning” ray because of its power to do just that—burn. (Anyone who has ever dealt with a painful sunburn can thank good old UVB.) The other, the UVA ray, doesn’t burn the skin; but because of its longer wavelength, it is able to reach deeper into the skin, down to the cellular level, where our DNA resides. Combined, the two activate the free-radical damage that we now know is largely to blame for the majority of skin aging, not to mention a host of other diseases, like skin cancer.

Living in Miami, the sunbathing capital of America, has pro­vided me with ample examples, both in the office and outside it, of why we must limit the time we spend in the sun. Notice that I don’t say “eliminate,” because even I realize that people genuinely enjoy being in the sun. With that in mind, before dispensing advice about protection from the sun, I first try to ascertain my patients’ lifestyle and the reasons why they’re in the sun. If, for example, patients tell me that they love to golf, or that they regularly take their children to the playground, then we try to work around those outings. Believe it or not, staying away from the sun during the peak burning hours—11 a.m. to 4 p.m.—makes a significant difference in how much you damage your skin. I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to trans­form many of my patients with just this guideline. After all, life is too short to give up the things that truly fill us with joy.

This next piece of advice is almost simplistic, but since I am constantly given a multitude of excuses for being sun­burned, I think it bears repeating. First, everyone needs to consider sunblock as vital as toothpaste and as indispensable as those pricey antiaging creams. No sunblock will offer you complete protection from the sun—you’d need to go outside covered with a metal cage to accomplish that—but the options today are so wonderfully diverse that it’s truly inexcus­able not to use one. In fact, the current crop of sunscreens is light-years ahead of its predecessors.

Until only a few years ago, traditional sunscreens only offered protection from UVB rays, partially because the non-burning UVA rays were, incorrectly, considered harmless. (Actually, one could get sunblocks that offered additional pro­tection from UVA, but they were thick and opaque and very unpleasant to wear.) All that changed in the early 1990s when two major developments took place.

First, a process called micronization allowed makers of sunblocks to pulverize the traditionally thick, occlusive but very effective zinc oxide and titanium dioxide into fine parti­cles that, when rubbed onto the skin, became nearly invisible. Finally, this allowed everyone, not just the lifeguards for whom this thick white stripe was a signature, to fully protect himself or herself from the sun in an appealing way. The other major turning point was the introduction of Parsol 1789, a chemical sunblock that is also known as avobenzone. (Until then, avobenzone was available only in Europe.) Avobenzone is an effective UVA blocker and it is now included in many sunblocks, in the process finally offering complete protection from both wavelengths of light. Today, pretty much every brand delivers this broad-spectrum protection

Anti-Aging Tips – Don’t Let the Sun Shine on You

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Once you’ve homed in on your sunblock of choice, you have to make a commitment to using it properly. Before you step outside, you should apply at least a teaspoon-sized portion to your bare face and give it time to be absorbed. Those with very sensitive skin should seek a chemical-free sunblock, such as one with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide; those with acne-prone skin should use a gel-based formula. Remember that sand and water reflect almost 100 percent of sunlight, so for that big outing on a bright day, make sure to have your new favorite product on hand and reapply it often. Finally, reach for a hat and sunglasses before heading outdoors. Just remem­ber that a hat on its own offers almost negligible protection. A dark canvas hat that doesn’t let any light show through is your best bet, although it does not protect against reflective rays.

A little-known but commonsense fact is that clothing offers a natural SPF. A white cotton T-shirt offers the equivalent of SPF 5 to 7, and switching to a black version ups the SPF to 20. There’s even an innovative new product, Rit SunGuard, that allows you to add extra protection to your clothing simply by throwing it in the wash. The protectant that it contains ups the clothing’s SPF to a minimum of 30 and lasts through almost 20 washes. Tinted windows, too, block UVA and UVB rays, as do the white gloves that many of my patients in Miami wear as they drive in the hot sun. (Those are my favorite patients!)

A new trend emerged a few years ago: makeup products, such as foundations, that came already loaded with sunscreen. While I think this is a step in the right direction, 1 still insist that you use a traditional sunscreen. Why? First, most of the new products feature only a minute amount of sunscreen. Sec­ond, and perhaps more important, recent studies show that sunscreen in makeup virtually disappears a mere two hours after application, leaving you with only the assumption of pro­tection. Honestly, I resent the false sense of security that these products create. Bottom line: always use a separate sunscreen.

You’ve probably heard that we receive more than 80 per­cent of damage from the sun before the age of eighteen. Judg­ing by the many patients who have sat in my office and reminisced about having suntanning competitions when they were teenagers, I’m not surprised. I think this fact is worth repeating, but I also hesitate to bring it up because some sun fanatics might interpret it as an invitation to indulge in even more damage. The damage is already done, right? But please, let’s remember that those were the days when baby oil was the tanning tool of choice and ignorance was bliss; we now know that no excuse for voluntarily speeding the aging process is good enough. Even after years of tanning, someone who be­comes serious about sun protection can achieve a great im­provement in his or her skin. The body is amazingly efficient at fighting free-radical damage, especially when it’s given a helping hand. I hope that the message is clear: embrace a natural aesthetic. Your face—and your dermatologist—will thank you for it.

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