How to Get Fittest Body Postures by Simple Yoga Techniques

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Yoga is a kind of mental relaxation exercise which is helpful for both mental and physical health. Its helpful asana will help you in maintaining your physical balance. You will find many asana which will make your mind sooth and body trimmed. The main problem which leads to the disorder to your body is mental distraction to many things prevailing in our busy life.

There are many simple yoga techniques which will soothe your mind and physical health at a time. There are many asana which focus on breathing. We often think that how it can happen that simple breathing process can maintain our health. But it is true! This is a process which burns 100s of calories at a time. This will also soothe your mind to utmost extent. You can add simple yoga techniques with fullest breathes to get the utmost result.

Sun salutation (Surya namaskar) is a simple asana which you can add to your beauty regime as it will cover exercise of whole body. This asana will make your back and limbs flexible. This will also burn fat on your love handle. It also helps you get thighs and buttock back into the tuck.

How to do Surya Namaskar? The yoga is always started with the sun salutation.

You just need to make your body warm up at first before starting Yoga. The warm up exercise includes Mountain (Tad asana). In Mountain asana you will have to make your warm up by exhaling and inhaling and moving your neck, arms and head to and fro. This warm up will helps you to avoid any injury to your body muscles.

This yoga asana include about twelve positions which needs continuous breathing to fullest extent. This asana will not only make your body fat free but also help you in generating flexibility in your upper and lower body. In short it will make your body full of energy.

Now here I will give you a short guide that how to undertake Sun Salutation:

First of all you need to stand straight in the erect position with feet keep close with each other and shoulders relax and back.  Then you will have to bring your both hands clasped in front of your chest like a greeting posture. Now while inhaling raises your hands in upward direction and stretch your arms to fullest. Then while exhaling bend your upper body and take your hands to touch your feet.  Then return to the initial position.

This is the shortest most Sun salutation I have encountered with. But it is as beneficial as the other ones. It will give you the practice of hoe to stand, sit, lay etc. This will definitely correct your posture.  And also will help you to breathe in a well mannered way, so that you will have healthy lungs forever.

This mini and trimmed Sun Salutation must be added in your daily schedule to grasp the youth for rest of your life. It has amazing results on your overall health.

What Is Yoga?

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Did you know Yoga and Meditation is considered to be medicine?
The medicinal qualities of Yoga and Meditation are not new; they date back 5,000 years ago. Yoga and Meditation are used to cure not only stress, but also many diseases that plague our world. Contemporary Western medicine now acknowledges the incredible healing powers of Yoga and meditation. With this new founded support, we may all benefit from Yoga and Meditation, and achieve a pathway to health and a peaceful frame of mind.

Many turn to Yoga and Meditation to relieve stress. Only a chosen few understand the true power of this ancient tradition. In addition to great stress relief, Yoga and Meditation are proven to treat many chronic diseases. The following is a list of diseases that Yoga and Meditation are proven to treat:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis and Emphysema
  • High blood pressure
  • Back pain
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Sexual health
  • Insomnia
  • Hypertension
  • Prostate
  • Rheumatism
  • Indigestion

Many patients turn to Yoga because it is cost effective and there are absolutely no side effects if the procedures are practiced correctly. The complete list of diseases Yoga and Meditation treats is far more extensive than the above. A Yoga Life style is focused on mind and body health. Yoga and meditation focuses on the mind and body connection. A healthy mind and healthy body is the key to well rounded good health. Yoga and meditation creates this perfect balance.

Physicians and mental health providers have conducted countless case studies noting the benefits of Yoga and Meditation. These studies reveal that the practice of Yoga has some over all general effects. These effects include:

  • Improved physique
  • Stress Free life style
  • Greater heart health
  • Improved respiratory health
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Less Anxiety

Take control of your health and mental state by practicing Yoga and Meditation. You will find greater mental clarity and increased physical health. Yoga is proven to increase one’s relationships and sexual health. By practicing Yoga and Meditation, you will increase your social health, mental health, and physical health. Don’t miss out on the benefits of this 5,000 year alternative medicinal treatment.

Step Out from Depression Practicing Yoga

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What is depression? Depression is actually the mental disorder in which the whole body, his feelings and his thoughts will be affected. Depression can affect the way you sleep or the way you eat or the way you feel about anything. Depression is not like a passing mood; this illness is not about the personal weakness, so one cannot will it or wishes it away. And symptoms of depression differ form person to person; it also depends on the acuteness of the depression. 121 million people around the world are suffering from this terrible mental disorder from the ages of 15-45 according to WHO (World Health Organization).

There are different symptoms of Depression:

· Insomnia, oversleeping and early-morning awakening.

· Restlessness, irritability

· Weight Loss or Weight gain

· Fatigue, Tiredness

· Drowsiness and laziness

· Feelings of helplessness, guilty and worthlessness

· Lost of enjoyment and interest in the hobbies or activities that were one’s favorite

Without any treatment or medication one cannot get rid of this mental disorder. Treatments such as antidepressant medications and psychotherapy, but here is another way to feel better in this awful mental disorder is to “practice Yoga.” Yoga is not actually the permanent cure of depression but it can help to great extent to feel better.

How can Yoga helps one in getting rid of depression? People suffering from depression will not like to any thing, the first thing is that they stop moving. They do not want to exercise as they feel very awful doing all this. But the Yoga practice is what that calm down their minds and what can make them feel relax.

By practicing only three poses of yoga in the start for only few minutes, one can feel better. It will reduce the heavy and unmoving feelings of depression that are the main symptoms of depression. Yoga is very helpful in relaxing he mind and body of depressed person, because it pressure on glands and organs of the body of person which aid them to produce soothing and chemical balance (that is needed to feel well and relaxed).

As a matter of fact, when one suffer from depression his breathing pattern changes and in this way the amount of oxygen reduces slowly. A yoga exercise improves the breathing patterns and one can get suitable

amount of oxygen. Yoga exercises are very aiding in providing relaxation of mind to one because Yoga improves circulation and the sending stimulating oxygen to your muscle and brains. And Yoga is all about stretching, so by stretching one can remove all toxins from one’s body leaving body pure.

Normally depression is caused by self-esteem so try the warrior which is very empowering posture, the salute of the sun which is very joyous and relaxing pose and celebratory sequence of asanas. And you become more flexible and your over-all health improves and gradually you will find yourself out of depression.

So step out from this awful and terrible situation by practicing yoga and you will feel relaxed