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What is Exercise? Exercise is a physical activity. A particular kind of movement that works your body at a greater intensity

There are two types of exercise:

1. Anaerobic:

It means “without oxygen.” These are exercises such as slow walking, bowling or weight lifting etc.

2. Aerobic:

Aerobic mean “with oxygen.” It is that kind of exercise in which you get necessary amount of oxygen such as cycling, jogging in garden, ruining, stepping etc.

Benefits of Anaerobic exercise:

As a matter of fact, exercise is very important for one’s health and body as it creates positive affects on one’s health, body and mind. The most important advantage of exercising is that it aid one to prevent him/herself from the cardiovascular diseases. It prevents one from developing high blood pressure. It reduces cholesterol levels. It strengthens one’s blood vessels. It toughens one’s muscle and is responsible for making one’s bones flexible and strong. It increase the rate of blood circulation of one’s body and this very helpful for those people who want their hair and skin beautiful. It helps in maintaining the weight of ones body and aid in reducing the fat of body.

It plays a vital role in reducing the risk of the development of colon and breast cancer. Exercising helps in lessening the anxiety and depression. It improves the health of brain. It reduces the elements of laziness. When we do exercise our body precipitate, in this way many dangerous toxins get expelled out of our body. So in this way exercise also removes toxins from our body. It increases the strength of muscles and in this way it will aid you to prevent yourself form the back pain.

Benefits of Aerobic exercise:

Aerobic exercises are very important in this regard that they provide one’s body with maximum amount of oxygen. When body get right amount of oxygen it improves the texture of the skin and beautifies one’s body and face. Other than this it provides muscle with maximum amount of oxygen and increases their efficiency. It lessens the body fats and improves the weight of the body.

Here are many ways through which you can exercise such as walking with high intensity, jogging, swimming, skipping, etc.

How to start exercising? If you have not been active for a long period of time then get started. But wait you should start your workout with low intensity. So first start with walking, And do some dance; it will create fun in your life as well as health.

If you can’t buy exercising equipments or cannot join health club or Gym then plays with your kids. It will all be a fun and will be a good start to a healthy life. If you don’t have time try to do a little, because something is better then nothing.

And the most important thing that you should keep in your mind is that while you keep on exercising you should take balanced diet otherwise you will not get achieve the perfect result of your exercise.


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