Are You Losing Water Or Fat While Dieting?

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Diet or any other starvation diets will make you lose water rather than fat. Nearly 60% of the weight loss with these diets is just water as has been proved by research on this subject. If you go on a starvation diet and see quick weight loss, chances are that it is the water weight loss.

This water weight loss will be regained once you stop dieting and your body re-hydrates. And losing too much of water from the body may not be very good for your health. So you have to be careful and not get too excited about initial weight loss.

It is best to totally avoid such diets where you have to starve yourself. A better option would be to stick to a healthy diet plan to lose weight. And it is usually best to combine healthy diet program with little exercise if you want to stay lean.

As you starve yourself, your metabolism rate too would drop and then the weight loss would not be as rapid as it was initially. The diet should be such that it does not ruin or decrease the metabolism rate too much. Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits while dieting and drink lot of water. Drinking lot of water can help you know whether the weight you are losing is actually water loss or fat loss.

A study done by German researches on 7 men and women indicated that consuming water helped in increasing metabolism rate by about 30%. Metabolism rate refers to the rate at which calories are burned. Higher metabolism rate can mean more weight loss.

Try replacing soft drinks or energy drinks with water which can mean fewer calories and better health.

You can also add watery fruits and vegetables in your diet they will provide with other essential vitamins and minerals to your diet. This is really a good thing which you can use to get freshness and giving up the stubborn accumulated fat in your body.

Want to know some more benefits of drinking water:

  • It helps your digestion
  • Your body will retain less water if you drink more water
  • Drinking water can increase metabolism rate.
  • Drinking cool water in the early mornings can be especially good for your body.

So drinking water is good for weight loss, you just have to keep it to moderation need to overdo it too much. You can start with small goals and improve further.

It’s difficult for the body to get proper nutrition if you are going on very low calorie diets and especially if you are eating the same foods day after day. The end result could be that it could harm your body and deprive you of proper nutrition. And most of the times you would regain back the weight you lost afterwards. The rapid water loss is not good for the body. This is really good to add plenty of water in your daily diet to dispose-off fats in the body.


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