Why is Yoga a Good Weight Loss Alternative?

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Mind and body exercises are fast becoming fads. Two examples of these are yoga and pilates, the former being centuries old while the latter is relatively new. We will focus the discussion on the former because it has the most interesting history especially with regard its weight loss effects.


Basic Information About Yoga


Traditionally, yoga has been used since ancient times as an activity to stimulate the body and mind connection. This is done to communicate with the inner being to unleash positive vibes to the whole body. The basic thrust of yoga is to breathe correctly while doing the poses in a fluid and smooth manner. Moreover, meditation is always a part of yoga so learning how to focus the mind is one of its goals. Increased flexibility and muscle tone are two major benefits of yoga.


Since it is done in a fluid manner, it is unusual to observe sweating and heavy breathing. In addition, yoga is an active workout but will not cause exhaustion because it is not a strenuous activity. You may ask, “how then can yoga be considered an alternative weight loss workout?” Well, here are the answers to the question.


Development of Yoga in Recent Years


The traditional yoga is still very much alive yet there are new developments enabling yoga as a good weight loss alternative. Some deviations from the fundamental concepts may be observed combining its health benefits and making it a cardiovascular activity promoting fat loss. The new untraditional yoga exercises are Power and Ashtanga yoga.


Power yoga is the Westernized adaptation of classical yoga. It includes very vigorous and movement-driven exercises. Resembling closely to other types of yoga, one feature setting it apart from Ashtanga yoga is the concept of not following any sets of poses. That means no power yoga class is the same. Plus you will sweat a lot in this class.


Closely associated with power yoga is the Ashtanga style. Much complexity is attributed to this technique because it has six varying sets of poses where each set increases in difficulty and complexity building on the previous series. The only way to succeed in doing all six series entails you to start from the bottom, the starting set.


Yoga has become a new frontier for weight loss because of the development of these two types of classes. Now you can sweat more to lose weight using yoga.


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