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What is sleep? Sleep is a mental relaxing condition in which one become nearly inactive and unaware of what is happening near him/her. It is actually a partial aloofness from the world. While sleeping most of the external stimuli are blocked from the senses. It has been observed that brain is active even while sleeping. Human brain does never reduce inactivity.

There are two kinds of sleep:

1. NREM (Non-rapid eye movement):

Our body starts sleep cycle. There are various stages in sleep cycles. And NREM includes first four stages of this cycle. In first two stages sleep is very light and one can be awakened with ease and the contraction of his/her body muscle can be seen but in the next two stages (3rd and 4th) person enter in deep sleep and in this condition it is very difficult to awake him/her . In these last two stages of NREM eye-movement and the contraction of muscle cannot be seen.

2. REM (Rapid Eye Movement):

REM includes the fifth stage of the life cycle. Person enters in this stage usually after 90 minutes of the sleep. In this stage one start dreaming and rapid eye movement starts. And you cannot see any other muscle moving.

And this cycle of NREM and REM keep on repeating while person is sleeping.

Why do we need sleep? Most of the people consider sleep as useless but, as a matter of fact, it is not. It is very important to sleep because it enables the mind and body to revitalize, regain strength and restore. Sleeping perform the housekeeping task such as regulate long-term memory, putting together new information and repairing and regenerating tissues. Sleep let one to arrange his past, present and future actions and thoughts. It is very important for the emotional and person’s physical well being. People who do not care for sleeping cannot perform even very easy task rightly.

Sleeplessness causes laziness and fatigue. It has been observed that people who do not take enough sleep suffer from depression and the feel loneliness. Sleeplessness can cause mood swings and due to these factors one can get far from his/her family and friends. So sleeplessness can affect the socializing of any person. If one take very healthy diet and exercise but do not care for the his/her sleep will not ever get physically and mentally fit.

How much sleeps do one need? It is very important factor to know. It is been recommended by the doctors that one should take 6-8 hours sleep. Especially for the growing children it has been suggested that they should take maximum and minimum 8 hours of sleep because it help in the growth of one’s body. It prevents one from drowsiness and keeps one’s mind fresh.

Now, here we come to the sleep disorders. Sleep disorders (somnipathy) is actually a medical disorder of sleep patterns. And there are different kinds of sleep disorders which leaves great impact on the health of the person.


  1. Night Terror:

2. Wake syndrome

3. Parasomnias

4. Bruxism

5. Delayed sleep phase syndrome

6. Sleep paralysis

7. Sleepwalking

8. Rapid Eye Movement behavior Disorder

9. Restless legs Syndrome

10. Hyperpnoea

How these disorders can be treated? There are four kinds of treatments for the sleep disorders.

Behavioral/ psychototherspeutic treatments



Other Somatic treatments


To cure some sleep disturbances meditation and somatic treatments will do good. But some disorders like narcolepsy can be treated by pharmacology. But some like chronic and primary disorders would be more easily cured by behavioral interventions. But for some acute sleeping disorders special equipments will be required.


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