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A healthy breakfast, full of nutrients, is everything we need to start the day full of energy. But routine, rush, diet, stress, lack of appetite in the morning is always an obstacle in achieving this goal – a healthy meal to start the day.

Benefits of a substantial breakfast. Studies that examined the eating habits shows that the breakfast, taken regularly, has a number of benefits on your body:

Reduce the risk of obesity and cholesterol;
Decreases insulin resistance (a condition that may increase risk of diabetes and heart disease);
Improves performance in terms of tasks that require memory;
Minimize desire to take snacks between meals or excessive eating for the rest of the day;
Assist in the assimilation of nutrients that are rarely supplemented by other meals of the day;
Help to improve school performance in children and the professional performance in adults.

Although, as appears at first sight, if you skip breakfast also means getting rid of a number of calories, the statistics suggests something else. In a study by American researchers showed that approximately 90% of 3,000 adults who have lost 15 pounds and have maintained their weight for a period longer than one year reported that they ate breakfast almost every day.

Regarding the breakfast, not compromising the quality!

You must think of breakfast as the best opportunity to gain vitamins and minerals in fruits, vegetables and grains are recommended for optimum health. In addition, experts recommend that adults to consume 21-38 grams of fiber per day. This is a challenge for those who opt for a low-fiber breakfast

Seeds, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts are the best sources of fiber. Foods with high fiber intake have the great advantage to combat the need to eat snacks before lunch, creating a feeling of saturation. Also, if you add protein such as seafood, low-fat dairy, skinless chicken or eggs, you have a “weapon” in your fight against the hunger between meals …

Here are some tips:

The combination of fruit with low-fat cheese are always very appropriate – for example, you can get sandwiches with cheese and sliced peaches, compote.

A low-fat yogurt or milk with cereal, dried fruit and nuts, is a tasty breakfast.

Vegetables with a hard boiled egg and a weak sauce.

A bowl of vegetable soup and graham crackers or bread.

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