Buying Organic Food is the Way to Go

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Organically grown food has become more popular in recent times. With growing health and environmental concerns, buying organic seems to have become the better choice. Most have no problems with paying a higher amount for organically prepared food, but is it worth it?


Consumers buy organic because these types of food are prepared without the use of synthetic chemicals. Organic vegetables and fruits are grown using natural fertilizers from wastes and fruit peels. They are not produced using harmful insecticides and hormones commonly found in processed food. Most organic food consumers opt to buy food produced locally to help local farmers benefit from the market. This also helps in reducing pollution and the use of fossil fuels in delivering the produce. Sadly however, not all organic product producers believe in the same ideal.


Some Points to Consider about Organic Products


Finding purely local organic products is nearly impossible. Ingredients necessary in producing large quantities of organic food may not be readily found locally. These ingredients have to be sourced from areas far from where a particular product is produced.


Some organic foods are also not as safe as their producers claim them to be. There are also certain crops that barely retain dangerous amounts of pesticides despite not being grown organically. These include pineapples, bananas, asparagus, broccoli, and sweet peas. Some processed foods also have inorganic ingredients even if they say they use organic ones. It might not be worth to pay a much higher price if an organic product has the same health risks as the conventionally-produced products. This greatly applies to organic cosmetics and sea foods.


How Much More Do We Pay for Organic?


One can pay from 10% more for something organic to more than twice as much its original price. The higher price is due to the ingredients needed to make the product purely organic.


You can still get organically grown products at a cheaper rate if you buy them locally. To be sure, head for the farmer’s market. Buy fruits and vegetables in season, as this will assure you of its freshness and will save you some money.


Make sure the product is worth your extra bucks. Do research and ask about it. Not all organic products are the same and they do not give you the same benefits. Ask about your local shop’s suppliers and read food labels. To get the most out of organic products, buy them locally for cheaper prices and better quality.


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