Do You Do Pupu Platters?

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Yes, chances are you do if you’ve ever served an assortment of appetizers rather than a gigantic four course meal. A Hawaiian pupu or puu puu platter is heaven if you enjoy fresh fish and right off the vine fruits and vegetables. You can do so in the islands, or you can do so at home.

Small is the operative word when it comes to food. The idea is finger food, with an assortment of sauces and sides that mix tastes, cuisines, colors, and flavors. The sky’s the limit. In other words, let your imagination go wild. Just as the saying goes: If you can dream it up, you can dream it down,” If you can cook it big, you can cook it small and it can be even tastier.

Martha Stewart Even Does Pupu!

Yes, Martha has recipes for pupu platters. She serves baby pork ribs, oriental shrimp toast, chicken drumettes, and fresh fruit. Martha is just one of the chefs and food stars that open minds and hearts and taste buds to the pupu platter that mirrors the various, wonderful groups of people who inhabit and visit Hawaii. You are able to enjoy an array of Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Puerto Rican, Thai and Vietnamese, and probably cajun. You name it, it is there, on a pupu platter. Really, it is just like home, wherever your home may be, because the world is filled with diverse cultures.

In Praise of Little Things

The pupu or puu puu platter is the essence of little things. Little bites of food, served on a plate with little compartments, or on little plates. Many dishes in the puu puu platter can be cooked on a little grill called a hibachi.

A hibachi is the perfect accompaniment to a pupu party, whether you have two people, six or more (though you may want to consider multiple grills). A hibachi is a little fire bowl, or a small charcoal grill. It is a teeny cooking surface, not at all resembling a big patio sized mega-grilling surface.

You won’t find your hibachi in your local big box store, but they are around as they have been for a years. I, for one, worn out four. They just cook better than anything else for me. They do bacon-wrapped pupu shrimp that is nothing less than divine! You can buy a safe charcoal you can use inside the house.

Lanai Anyone?

What landlubbers recreate is the essence of a beach party, on a pretend lanai. Enjoy a vast assortment of tasty little foods from around the world, on your patio. Everyone cooks, everyone eats, and don’t forget the exotic drinks with or without alcohol. Just reading it, it sounds like a party doesn’t it? Or, how can it not be a romantic dinner for two? Even children can enjoy!

Hawaiian music in the background, candles and the scent of flowers and aloha and a big mahala.


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