How to Get Your Picky Eaters to Eat Healthy

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Pizza, French fries, potato chips — how can you beat that? Nowadays, it is quite annoying to find more unhealthy food available in stores instead of real food. In fact, there are more chances to buy instant snack food than the healthier ones! But do not give up on keeping your kids healthy just yet. There are ways to get your picky eaters to munch on the good stuff.


  • Do not pick the unhealthy ones. Stock up on fruits and vegetables. The chips can stay at the grocery and not in your cupboard where the kids can find them. They will not be so happy about this, but they will learn how to eat healthier snacks in the long run. It also does not hurt to explain why.


  • Style your meals. Make them look appealing and tasty. This will encourage your kids to try tasting them. They might want their fruits with dip rather than eating them whole. Give them options on how the food can be prepared. They will be more inclined to eat them.


  • Get your kids involved in meal preparations. Kids like helping out, especially in the kitchen where they can learn new things. Have them mix the dip or arrange the cut fruits. They will also have fun knowing that they had a part in preparing your meal.


  • Prepare balanced meals. Having a varied array of food will give your child a chance to try something new and different while providing him with the necessary nutrients.


  • Do not give up on encouraging your kids to try a dish they do not like. When you do this, try making them eat at least a few bites before they refuse. It just takes time to get kids accustomed to new things, even vegetables.


  • Set a good example. Make them see that you enjoy eating healthy food. They will be more inclined to try vegetables, fruits, and healthy snacks when they see you happily eating them. While you are munching on healthy stuff, invite them to eat with you as well.


It is better to start introducing healthy foods early on. Your kids will not only benefit from the vitamins and nutrients, they will also grow up to choose healthier options. As parents, we can introduce our kids to a healthier lifestyle. Doing this while they are young will lower their risk of acquiring diseases later on. Now is always the right time to start.


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