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Container gardening is the new way to grow a garden, and there are so many people wondering why they have never tried it. The container garden has been around for more than 20 years, it’s just been in the past five years that it has become popular.

The container garden is accessible to everyone even the handicapped can garden now because it is easier for them to get to. With a container garden you can place the container on the table so if you are in a wheel chair you can reach your plants. People who are getting up there in age have a hard time getting on the ground, previously have been limited to what they can grow if anything at all, but with container gardening, they are not limited and can grow what ever they want too.

With a container garden you can move your plants whereever you want them with very little effort at all. For example, if there is bad weather coming, you can move the pants so they will avoid the bad weather and they will not die. The greatest asset to container gardening is the mobility it provides you as the gardener. Especially if the plants are in a place that is not working very well for you or the plant, you can pick up the containers and move them to see if the plants will grow better.

With a container garden the soil has more quality features to it. With growing your plants in containers, they will less likely develop a disease. Using potting soil is safer and disease free.

By using a container to grow you plants in, it will be easier for you to feed your plants than if you were using outside soil. It is easier because the food you feed your plants will be contained and you can keep them in the desired place. When using fertilizer you will need to add a little extra due to the fact it will not sink in as fast when planting in containers.

The best part of a container garden is that the seasons can go on forever as long as you’re willing to keep feeding and taking care of the plants because they are in a controlled environment. Insulate your containers to make the soil warmer, this will help the plants to last longer, also wrap the containers with towels or blankets to help keep the warmth in.

Growing your garden in a container can be fun and enjoyable, you will have less worries and hassles, and also you will not need as much space as you would outdoors. Container gardens are wonderful for people who live in apartments. The container garden is a wonderful option for those who are limited with mobility, space and time, also for people who want home grown food year round.

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