Growing Your Own Vegetables

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Starting your own vegetable garden is not has hard as it seems.

First start looking around your yard and decide where the best place to put your garden would grow best. You can grow a vegetable garden in your yard, or on your back deck, does not matter. The most common place for first timers to start a vegetable garden is in raised garden beds. Raised garden beds are above the ground and can be easily adapted to any surface, rather in the yard or on your deck. Garden beds are easy to make, you can use wood to make a box, or an old small plastic swimming pool with small holes in the bottom for drainage.

Make sure the area you choose gets good sunlight. Put markers out where you will be putting your vegetable garden, so you know how much room you will have for the new adventure you are about to undertake. Your area should be square due to the fact they are easier to maintain than a rectangular one. If you are making your garden bed out of wood, do not use treated wood, the chemicals in the wood will leak out into your food.

Before you put soil in your garden box, line the bottom with pine straws or hay as this will help with the drainage of the water through the soil.

Next begin to make compost out of your scraps, this will help feed your vegetables and help them grow.

If you do not have a compost pile yet that is fine, buy a good composted soil mix. Manure based soils work the best because they do not have too much alkaline in them and are safe for you to eat, organic mixes are even better to use.

When you begin to fill your garden boxes, leave a path so you can get to your vegetables easily, to tend to them. Do not put the plants frrther than three feet away from where you can reach to be able to care for them.

Third you can start to plant your vegetables. A good start would be to place seedlings. Seedlings spread their roots quickly and take hold. You will want to plant them close to one another, but be careful not too close or they will choke each other out. If there is not much room between the plants, their will be less room for weeds to grow and kill your vegetables.

Lastly you will want to water your vegetables well althroughout the growing season. Then, sit back and enjoy your new home grown vegetables, something you can be proud of.

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