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Some people have gardening as a hobby, but others use it as a means to stay healthy. Gardening can be done by the young, the old, the healthy and the unhealthy, all people can enjoy gardening. People who are stronger and healthier will have an easier time of gardening, but the unhealthy use it as a means to get healthy once again. The unhealthy will enjoy the lighter task until they are able to do the more detailed task, they can engage in pruning, and weeding, which will help get them back in shape.

The biggest benefit to gardening is the exercise that you will be getting while in your garden working. The hobby of gardening offers many levels of exercise from vigorous to light and easy going. Different age levels require different levels of exercise, the elderly need regular gentle exercise to help keep their joints supple, the young need vigorous exercise to stay in shape. Use gardening aids to help you with your gardening task if things are too difficult for you to reach or bend over, you will still benefit from the exercise, but at the same time not get hurt. For example, use long handled tools for hard to reach areas, and kneeling pads to help protect your knees. Protecting your knees is for all ages, your knees are precious doing not hurt those young or you will have pain forever.

Regular exercise is very important for everyone. Child obesity is due to the lack of exercise. Children love to garden so to help your child to stay in shape and have fun while doing exercise, let them have their own little garden to get them outside and stay active. Children find the process of plating and watching the plants grow very fascinating, this will help to spark interest and get your child out doing something that is good for them. Many schools are incorporating gardening into their daily lessons to help teach them science and recreational use as well as they are getting exercise and most of the time do not even know it.

Do not plant too many of the same things. Fruits and vegetable loose their nutritional benefits in a short time, so you do not want to have many of the same fruits and vegetables lying around, it will not do your body any good. A good way to help save some of the nutritional values by freezing the fresh food, however this will not be as good as eating it fresh,but it will help a little.

Gardening has many benefits, health is one of them, and by eating right and getting exercise you will be doing well by your body.

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