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City-dwellers are starting to discover that gardening is not just a hobby for suburbanites; it’s very possible to create a beautiful and fruitful garden in a city environment. The urban gardener must be more imaginative and creative in their plant selection, design, and the landscaping materials, but these gardens can be compelling and lovely. Follow these helpful hints, and make a city garden of your own.

The scope of your garden is dependent on just two things: the space you have available, and the extent of your imagination. No matter where you’re gardening, you should always start by sketching your garden on paper. This is particularly helpful to the urban gardener. A quick sketch can give you an idea of the space you have to work with, and allow you to purchase plants according to the light you have available.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a whole rooftop to plant on, the sky’s the limit! You can build raised beds and plant most anything your heart desires. Some lumber, soil, and a little bit of elbow grease can create a garden plot that will rival any of its suburban counterparts. Just be sure that there’s a water source nearby–nothing will put a damper on your gardening faster than hauling buckets of water up the stairs. However, you will have the advantage of absorbing rainfall, reducing runoff. The patio gardener is a little more limited. You must buy plants that can thrive in pots. But don’t become disheartened! There are many plants available that grow well in these conditions. And think of the decorating possibilities available with the pot selection. Be sure to raise your containers an inch or two from the ground to improve the drainage and increase the airflow. A couple of wooden blocks will accomplish this easily. Also, make sure that the containers you choose have proper drainage holes; you don’t want to over water your plants. The patio gardener can also utilize hanging baskets. Many flowers flourish in these, and vegetables, such as tomatoes, can be grown in this manner as well.

Window boxes are another viable option for urban gardening. Herbs can thrive in these conditions, and they are both beautiful and useful. Think of the convenience of snipping the herbs you need for dinner from the box outside of your kitchen window! It’s also a great way to beautify an otherwise drab exterior. If you simply think outside the box, you can create a lush garden paradise in an urban environment.

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