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Around the globe people are causing major damage to the planet’s environment and it is about time that we take initiative to stop all these activities before it’s too late because the results can be unbelievable. Common misconception is that global warming is a thing which could happen in the future, but the real fact is that is already in the motion. Its destructive power can be observed around us. Due to its terrible consequences it is advisable to look for alternative energy solutions. The best way to combat this issue of global warming is to look for alternative energy sources and utilize them. Increased greenhouse gas emission and increased levels of carbon dioxide have depleted the ozone layer.

Through different research it has been confirmed that the changes in the level of these gases is due to human activities. 52% of greenhouse gases come from oil and gas while coal contributes 44% of these emissions. Our forests are the major carbon dioxide filters and they are being eradicated. De-forestation has led to increase in global warming as these natural carbon dioxide filters help keep our environment clean and healthy to breathe. High demand of the products from wood has led to de-forestation in which billions of trees are being brought down making our environment to suffer. There was observed an increase of 100% of greenhouse gases (GHG) during the period of 2000-2004 in all established nations. Experts believe that this figure will rise to 110% by 2010 and this will result in energy crisis in 2020. Emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) means an increase in the usage of the energy. So the objective of the modern world is to look for energy source which produces fewer amounts of greenhouse gases (GHG) and be efficient as well.

The results of global warming are inevitable and they are all negative for the human being. The average surface temperature of the planet keeps rising and has increased to five percent over the course of 10 years. Though the figure of five doesn’t seem so big, but its impact is disruptive to the Earth’s ecosystem. Increased temperature has caused the polar ice caps to melt causing the sea levels to rise by an inch. Continual rise in temperature will result in flooded coastal areas. Small countries like Maldives have already started to raise their voices about this issue as the sea level rises. Extreme weather has also played an important role in disruption of eco-system. More frequent wild fires, stronger winds, extreme warm heat waves and more floods all these have disrupted the eco-system. The need of the hour is to realize the harm our activities can cause to our planet. So to find alternative energy source is to minimize the greenhouse gases (GHG) and thus lower the pollution making our planet a greener place to live in.

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