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Increasing human activities on the planet earth have raised issues like increased carbon emission and global warming. For the past few decades due to industrial development our atmosphere has absorbed in it huge amounts of greenhouse gases. Most developed and developing countries use resources like coal, natural gases and various oils to generate electricity to meet the demands of their growing economy. Now that these activities have increased tremendously leader throughout the world are now considering alternative sources to generate electricity to feed their ever growing demand. Countries like China and different developing countries are considered to be the big contributors in contaminating the environment.

There have been a number of conferences, meetings and seminars as an effort to realize its importance. As an effort to realize what its consequences are going to be were considered in many conferences which were attended by world leaders. Most recent one was in the Danish capital Copenhagen in December 2009 where leaders from around the globe joined together to share their initiatives for controlling emission of greenhouse gases (GHG). As discussed earlier, to every nation its economic growth is more important than anything else. The Copenhagen climate change conference in Copenhagen ended in failure with low targets and dropped goals. President of the United States of America Barack Obama stated that the world had come a long way, but they still have much further to go. Even the previous US government had given an impression that they will not sign up any deal that will hinder domestic economic growth. Furthermore, it was mentioned that the US will not sign up until growing economies like China are also beholden to the deal in the exact same way. The new US government had objectives which weren’t much different from the previous government. There have been a number of conferences earlier to discuss this issue. The record of all these efforts has not been that good. The Kyoto agreement in 1997 was one of those efforts. The Kyoto Protocol in Japan where leaders form 200 countries gathered stated that there will be a limit for every nation to emit greenhouse gases (GHG). Quite awkward things happened in Kyoto agreement in which Australia was allowed to increase emission while the EU agreed on lowering emission in 1990 to 8%. Kyoto expires in 2012 so an agreement was necessary because new agreement take a lot of time to be implemented.

Greenhouse gases have been a concern of the world for many decades now. A lot has been done, but it is just not enough to save our dying planet. From educational institutions to government offices there have been a great awareness about this matter. The need of the hour is that we start doing our part to save our planet and realize this fact that we have to leave this planet healthy for our generations.

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