5 Reasons To Take Green Tea Supplements

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The benefits of green tea have gotten quite a bit of press lately. Green tea is turning out to be one of those “superfoods” that is good for a wide variety of health issues. You can drink green tea, of course, but it is also available as an extract and in many supplements. This article will focus on some good reasons to take a green tea supplement.


1. Protection Against Cancer

Green tea contains the powerful catechin (a kind of antioxidant) EGCG, which inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Green tea has shown promise in preventing and treating a variety of cancers, including cancer of the breast, esophagus, stomach and ovaries.


2. Lowers Cholesterol

The antioxidants in green tea can help to lower your cholesterol, and to improve the ratio of “good” (HDL) to “bad” (LDL) cholesterol. This is important to your overall health.


3. Burns Fat

Green tea is also proving to be effective as a fat-burning food. The mild caffeine content (less than half of coffee), along with the powerful cocktail of antioxidants naturally boosts your metabolism. In addition to making your body more efficient, it may also give you additional energy to exercise!


4. Good for Teeth and Gums

Green tea also has properties that kill the bacteria which can cause plaque and gingivitis. You can get this benefit from drinking green tea or taking a supplement. Some natural toothpastes and mouthwashes also have green tea for added benefit to the teeth and gums.


5. Advantages of  a Green Tea Supplement

The main advantage to taking a green tea supplement is to make sure you consume enough of this healthy substance. If you love to drink green tea all day (as many people in Asia have done for centuries), you are getting plenty of it, but if it’s something new to you, a supplement is a good way to make sure you are getting the full benefit. 


Studies have shown that drinking as little as one cup of green tea per day can be beneficial to your health. For example, one study showed that women who consume at least one cup can cut their risk of ovarian cancer by more than 50%. However, it seems  that consuming more is even better. With a good green tea supplement, you can conveniently consume the equivalent of four or more cups of green tea per day.


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