Green Tea: A Healthy Fat Burner

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Green tea, in addition to being good for you in just about every way, is also a natural fat burner. It contains substances called polyphenols which cause the body to burn fat more efficiently.


Good Reasons to Switch to Green Tea

Many people start their day with coffee and drink coffee throughout the day. Others, in addition to coffee (or in place) consume caffeinated sodas. Green tea contains caffeine, but less than half of a typical cup of coffee. It has more antioxidants and is better for you overall than coffee, and certainly better than soda or energy drinks (which usually contain lots of sugar -not a good idea if you want to lose weight). 


Green tea tends to give you a gentle lift without the nervousness or crash typical of coffee. Studies have also shown that green tea is more effective at burning fat than caffeine by itself, so there is more to green tea as a diet food than the small amount of caffeine it contains.


Antioxidant Rich

The most powerful element in green tea, which gives it power to help prevent many diseases at the same time it helps you burn fat, is an antioxidant called EGCG. This substance seems to provide a natural stimulus to the metabolism as well as protecting the cells from many types of disease, including many types of cancer. It also helps to lower cholesterol and maintain a good ratio of “good” to “bad” cholesterol. So drinking green tea can not only help you to lose weight, it may help you in other important ways as well.


How Much Green Tea?

Studies have shown that drinking as little as one cup of green tea per day can have a positive impact on your health and lower the risk of certain kinds of cancer. If you are using green tea as part of a weight reduction program, you may want to drink several cups per day.


 If you are very sensitive to caffeine, you may want to consume all of it before the evening hours. You can also buy decaffeinated green tea, which has the same benefits. Green tea extract is also available when it isn’t convenient to drink a cup of tea. You can also find health supplements that include green tea among many other ingredients. Considering all of the benefits of this beverage, there is no reason not to make it part of your daily routine.


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