The Health Benefits of Green Tea Extract

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Green tea and green tea extract have gotten quite a bit of good publicity recently for a number of reasons, including its overall health benefits, its ability to prevent and possibly even reverse certain diseases, and even for its ability to help people lose weight. Green tea is actually a very old remedy in China and other Asian countries. It is only more recently that Western science is starting to catch up with traditional medicine and recognize the healing properties of green tea.


Green tea extract is taken from the green tea leaf, and is a very  potent way to get the benefits of green tea without having to drink many cups of it. Green tea extract can be taken in capsule or other forms. It is available as a separate supplement and is also included in some combination supplements for its many beneficial qualities.


Why Is Green Tea Good For You?

Green tea contains many beneficial properties, such as bioflavonoids and a very potent antioxidant, EGCG. These substances both fight free radicals and pro-oxidants, which can cause disease in the body. The health benefits of green tea are almost universal. It can help digestion, respiration, lower cholesterol and even fight gum disease (through its anti-bacterial properties). 


Green Tea vs. Cancer

This antioxidant EGCG is most renowned for its anti-cancer properties. There is evidence that it can protect cells from many types of cancer, including colon, breast,  stomach, pancreas and esophagus. 


Lowers Cholesterol and Protects the Heart

Green tea extract is also a great way to watch your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. There is evidence that green tea can reduce your overall cholesterol, as well as improving the ratio of good (HDL) to bad (LDL) cholesterol.


Can Green Tea Extract Help You Lose Weight?

Green tea has properties that can help you lose weight. It is a stimulant (though it contains less caffeine than coffee, so it’s less likely to give you the jitters, upset your stomach or keep you awake at night), which means it speeds up your body’s metabolism naturally.


Green tea also has a thermogenic effect upon the body, meaning it helps you burn fat faster. Green tea has substances called catechins, which prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. As if that weren’t enough, catechins also have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties!


To sum it up, Green tea extract is a natural substance that is good for your whole body!



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