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The Aloha Festival is a celebration observed by the Hawaiian people. The festival has been celebrated for 65 years in Hawaii. The festival was originally created in 1946.  To preserve the Hawaiian culture, the members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce call the Aloha Festivals as Aloha Week. During the Aloha Week, floral parade will pass through the whole city. The Jaycees envision organizing this celebration to pay homage to the cosmopolitan heritage. However, it is celebrated state wide in the United States as well. The purpose of celebrating the Aloha Festival is to foster the spirit of Aloha through the Hawaiian culture. It is celebrated because the Hawaiian culture is integrated into the cultures of the islands. It is celebrated through various arts, cuisine and music.

The music is performed in olelo language as well as English language. By watching the island music performance, you will be able to experience the kamaaina life. There are both traditional and contemporary music performances. Music instruments such as ukulele and guitar are used in the performance. The voices of the island artists will impress you. The term Nahenahe is used to describe the island music in the Aloha Festival. Nahenahe means sweet melody in the Hawaiian language.

During the Aloha Festival, concerts and parades will be held in Hawaii. The programs of the Aloha Festival reflect the customs in every Hawaiian island. Volunteers will come together to prepare for the programme in the Aloha Festival. Every year, thousands of people will participate in the festival. The hoolaulea street parties will also be held at Hawaii. Aloha Festivals is celebrated on all the islands of Hawaii including Kauai, Oahu, Lanai, Hawaii Big Island, Maui and Molokai. It is a festival performed by the people of Hawaii mainly to secure the local traditions. It has also been used as a tool to attract tourists from different part of the world.

Aloha Festival is celebrated for 6 weeks from September – October. Every year, the Aloha Festivals has a different theme. It is estimated that more than 30,000 people will plan and organize the Aloha Festivals. The Aloha Festivals will entertain more than 1 million people from different parts of the world. The expenses of the Aloha Festival are funded through Hawaii Tourism Authority. It is also funded through the purchase of merchandises and corporate sponsorships. Donations are collected from the local people to fund the Aloha Festival.


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