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Camping at Arnott's Lodge, Hilo, Hawaii
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If you are a fan for camping maybe you would take Hawaii into consideration when you make the plan for the next camping destination. Not to mention that in this way, you could save money on accommodation, enjoying waking up at the relaxing sound of the ocean’s waves or the fresh morning air of the green, tropical forests.

However camping is not always about saving money, as much as you consider this feature a pretty good one, but to Americans, camping in Hawaii can be an experience they love the most allowing them to pitch a tent, to gather around the campfire as part of their outdoor activity and experience. Maybe you won’t be surprised to find out that camping seems to be on the first place in the top of the outdoor activities across USA.

But apart from the fact they love camping, not many of them realize that there is a great opportunity to camp in Hawaii. Camping is not an outdoor activity that is frequently seen in Hawaii, many of the tourists preferring booking the accommodation well in advance as part of their holiday package bought through a travel agency.

You should follow the footsteps of the locals, as they camp outside all the time. As to the ones who are not from Hawaii, this activity is most of the times unfamiliar to them as camping in Hawaii is not promoted.

For instance, if you browse, out of curiosity one of the travel agencies’ brochures you won’t see any tent shown in the pictures, as this is not the way that travel agents would like to see you spending your Hawaiian holiday. According to them you need to book for a hotel accommodation in order to know that you can taste the true spirit of Hawaii.

But how can anyone enjoy the experience of holiday making better than camping. You just need to be an eco tourist and feel more attached to the nature and closer to cultural events living this experience in a genuine way.

On the other hand, camping in Hawaii is not suitable for those who like to be pampered into a luxurious resort with all sorts of amenities and facilities that can be also experienced back home when booking for a spa session. But here, with the original feel of the pristine places, where nature unfolds its beauty in a spectacular way, it would be a pity not to try it at least once in your lifetime.

In Oahu, you are given the chance to camp inside the Friends of Malaekahana Campground and in this way you shouldn’t spend a leg and an arm for the 2 week vacation that can be very romantic along with the locations that Hawaiian beaches offer for their visitors. Other of the campgrounds available in Hawaii are YMCA (Hana Coast in Maui), Kauai displays Camp Sloggett, the sunny Kohala Coast on the Big Island presents Spencer’s campground and others more.

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