Hawaiian Themed Wedding Ideas

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There are many ways in which you can let the island be the influence for your Hawaii wedding whether you are having it in Hawaii, or just want to bring some of the island to your home.


You can send out invitations that are in the shapes of coconuts, palm trees, orchids, or anything that reminds you of the Hawaiian island. If you want something more traditional, you can have the pictures of a sunset or orchids embossed on the invitation. You can also add some poems or sayings that are part of the Hawaiian culture.


What you wear can be tradition, or you can infuse it up with a bit of the island. For example, your bridesmaids can wear bright sun dresses. You can also have them wear leis in order to make the feel of Hawaii more dominant.


Decorate the area with things such as palm trees, tiki torches and have the tables contain coconuts or flowers found in Hawaii. The main point is to use bright, cheerful colors that are found in Hawaii.


Seafood, pork and fresh fruit are classic foods found in Hawaii that you can serve at your reception. Serve your drinks in coconut glasses. You can even have your wedding cake to resemble something that reminds you of the island, such as a sand castle.

Overall, use your imagination and have fun with the Hawaiian wedding concept since that is the whole idea of Hawaii.


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