Guide to the Culture of Hawaiian People

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Hawaii has a very religious community. The Hawaiian people worship various types of Hawaiian gods. The gods that are worshipped by the Hawaiians have relations to the natural forces. They believe that the gods can bring improvement to their lives. Hence, they keep on worshiping the gods and offering sacrifices to them. There are four main gods in Hawaii including Kane, Ku, Kanaloa, and Lono. Kane is the god of procreation that the chiefs worship. The local people claim that the god Kane formed the upper heaven and lower heaven. When the people worship Kane, they don’t offer sacrifices. They also don’t carry out any ritual when worshipping Kane.

Ku is the earliest ruler of the mankind. The god Ku has a wife named Hina. Ke free the people from their faults. The Hawaiian people often carry out sacrifices to Ku. They worship the god Ku because they want to have long life, prosperity and abundant harvest.

Kanaloa is often worshipped along with Kane. Kanaloa represents darkness, and death. The Hawaiian fishermen often pray to the Kanaloa god to protect them from the waves.

Lono is associated with the clouds. For example, signs such as rainbow, wind and lightning refer to the god Lono. The god Lono is responsible for bringing rains on the land as well as improving fertility.

The Hawaiian set up temples to worship the gods. Many Hawaiians also set up altars at their own homes to worship the god.

Hawaiians regard red as a holy color and yellow as a secular color. After King Kamehameha conquered the land, the people came to accept yellow color as better color for representing holiness. The people of Hawaii often speak English with a mix of Hawaiian words. It is estimated that over 9000 people speak the Hawaiian language. However, 85% of the people have Hawaiian names. The names given to the Hawaiians are often associated with interesting stories. The earliest immigrants to Hawaii speak the pidgin language.

The Hawaiian music also plays an important role in the culture of the Hawaiian people. Music is used to remember the deeds of the powerful people in Hawaii. The Hawaiians always sing aloha aina during the music performance. In the 19th century, western string instruments such as himeni are used to play the Hawaiian music. While traveling in Hawaii, you can find a range of Chinese food, Korean food, local Hawaiian food and Vietnamese food.


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